Best Lighters For Camping

best camping lightersThe Best Lighters For Camping. Camping stove Lighters are an essential item on any camping trip. Proper Camping stove lighters are inexpensive and can last for years. Stop struggling with a cigarette lighter as it’s so easy to buy a decent camping lighter for a few pounds.

Cigarette lighters are a waste of time trying to light your camping stove and all you do is end up burning the hairs off the back of your hand. These handy Camping stove lighters pictured on the right (Available To Buy on Amazon) are not only useful on outdoor camping trips but are also great for lighting your candles at home or even your gas cooker or BBQ at home. They also come with a handy safety button which helps to stop children pulling the ignition trigger. amazon button

Most Camping Lighters are powered by butane gas so are refillable just like your normal cigarette lighters. Small tins of butane gas are cheap to buy and are readily available in most supermarkets or available online.

You can actually get the gasless USB rechargeable, windproof, flameless lighters these days. Personally I have only used the cheaper type ones like in the picture above for camping and I have one at home for lighting candles in the evening. They work great even if it is a bit windy sometimes. Saying that it may be worth trying the USB windproof lighters (Take a look on Amazon) as they look better constructed with their modern design. They would certainly look better in a home use environment.

There are other types of camping lighters that I thought I should quickly cover in this post such as fire lighters.

Fire Lighters: Are the ones used to help start a barbeque, camp fire or outdoor wood burner. They are placed in with the wood or charcoal to help get the fire going. There are some great ones about that can get any fire going pretty quickly. One such product is the Original BURNER FIRELIGHTERS (Available on Amazon) that are brilliant at starting fires. Even if they have been left in a damp environment or exposed to water they still start fires very well. Burner Firelighters come in small sachets and are sold in a 100 sachet container. The sachets are odour free and are designed to burn slowly enabling a better all round fire starter. amazon button

best mosquito repellent

Best Mosquito Repellent Wristbands

mosquito repellent wristbands

Looking for the best mosquito repellent wristbands for your family holiday trips? You may need to read this important information on which mosquito repellent wristbands are best to use such as DEET or DEET FREE.

DEET: The problems that can occur when using DEET can be anything from skin irritation, eye irritation, feeling sick or nauseous. severe cases have caused a coma but are extremely rare. It should never be ingested, always wash your hands after applying or touching products containing DEET.

Although DEET is a great insect and mosquito repellent there are great natural alternatives that are readily available and are scientifically proven to work extremely well.


The answer is yes, even the medical experts are in agreement that in scientific trials they are very effective against mosquitos and other nasty insects including ticks.

“Why I personally tried the alternative to DEET”

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Due to my heart condition and on warfarin, my recent stroke and not forgetting my picture of mosquitoeczema I felt I needed a good alternative. I was more worried about applying DEET due to the effects it may have with my warfarin INR levels.

After some initial researching I eventually found a natural alternative that did not require me to spray the product on the skin. This would now not effect warfarin INR levels or my eczema. It was a simple case of using natural mosquito repellent wristbands when I go camping or fishing (which I love to do).

I eventually ordered the TravPack® Premium Silicon Mosquito Repellent available on Amazon


Due to some great reviews and the large amount of sales they make on these mosquito bands it was a no brainer for me. My partner and I found they work extremely well and WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM TO A DEET ALTERNATIVE.

The Travpack premium silicon bands last for 250 hours per bracelet which is great for travelling in the UK and for taking abroad on your holidays. They are infused with natural citronella oils that are harmless to us but mosquitos Hate It!! That’s great news for you and me…

The one thing I didn’t like was their look when wearing them, now don’t get me wrong they did work great and my partner Katrina had no problem with the look at all. I would have thought children wouldn’t have my issues on the look either.

Personally for me though being a bloke, I’ll probably try the THEYE mosquito repellent band (available on Amazon) this year and see how that works. They look a lot better to me (vanity eh..).

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best camping toaster 2018?

Best Camping Toaster 2018


Which Is The Best Camping Toaster 2018? Bright Spark the best camping toaster 2018Have you ever just fancied a nice piece of toast and jam when you wake up in the morning when camping? What no toaster!! Don’t worry problem solved with the simply designed Bright Spark Toaster available from Amazon.

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What I like about this easy to use toaster is that it just sits on top of your portable camping gas stove (No need to buy a bulky toaster). Just light your stove put it on low and pop the lightweight toaster straight on top. The bright spark camping toaster spreads the flames evenly underneath resulting in 2 lovely pieces of crispy toast, I mean what could be quicker and easier than that.

No wonder The Bright Spark Toaster was a best selling camping toaster in the UK in 2017 and can continue to be the best camping toaster in 2018. Some times the simple things in life are the easiest. The bright spark toaster also fits neatly into your plastic cooker box for easy storage, so no forgetting it next time you go camping or fishing etc.

Conclusion: Well this camping toaster gets my vote for lightweight & simplicity and that it fits into your gas cooker box. It’s very affordable and cheap to replace should you need to.

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An alternative Camping Toaster Might be the Highlander 4 slice toaster for larger families(available on Amazon).4 slice camping toaster

best cycling helmet 2017

Best Cycling Helmet 2017

Best Cycling Helmet 2017

Buying a new cycling helmet is an extremely important decision, so which is the best cycling helmet 2017? There is one in particular that seems to really benefit the cyclists more than most, namely the Prowell F59R Vipor Cycle Helmet. Prowell F59R Vipor Cycle Helmet Now my number 1 issue in choosing a cycling helmet is Safety. Safety is paramount. We see it all the time on the TV where loads of copycat products are imported into the UK.

Motorbike helmets and cycling helmets are no exception to cheap illegal imports. So the buyer should and must be aware of the dangers of purchasing a cycling helmet that has no British or European Safety standards. That said the Prowell F59R Vipor Cycle Helmet is fully tested to high European safety standards. There’s no point risking an injury to your head with a cheap or knockoff import from Asia etc.. So that’s my number one and most important point. (Please don’t risk yours or your families safety).

Ok so why have I chosen this particular cycling helmet? Well the Prowell F59R cycle helmet ticks all the boxes in so many areas. It’s new sleek hugely improved design is  highly popular, making it one of the top selling best cycling helmet 2017 in the UK? It’s popularity comes from not only it’s dual-density safety structure but its lightness and comfort. In fact it’s super light compared to some cycling helmets.

The Prowell F59R Vipor cycle helmet (available on Amazon) has been made lighter with bigger internal and external air vents which massively increases the flow of air in and around your head. This in turn enables you to keep cooler even in the toughest and hottest conditions that you might face.

Visibility for motorists helps with a cool reflective strip around the helmet. Also I certainly like the top feature of a built in 360 degree viewable detachable top LED flash light that’s available with this best selling cycle helmet. You also get a nice choice of different coloured cycling helmets which are available too.

Let’s take a look at the top features and why I think this is the most popular & best cycle helmet 2017
  • Made to European safety standards
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Great airflow features
  • Adjustable head fitting
  • Available with build in detachable LED flashlight
  • A Top Best Seller
  • Popularity
  • Adjustable
  • Affordability

Conclusion: Highly Popular 9.5/10 button

canvas rucksack

Canvas Rucksack UK

Canvas Rucksack UK

The Andes Ramada 120L is One of the most popular XL Canvas Rucksacks in theThe Andes Ramada 120L UK Selling for under £20 (at the time of writing June 2017). Made from a tough canvas polyester it is made to be hardy and durable. This well thought out rucksack/backpack is ideal for camping, hiking, fishing and many other outdoor activities, even festivals.

If it’s space you need this fantastic rucksack certainly has lots of it with its 120 Litre capacity. It’s stats are “>H: 75 (29.5″) x W: 44 (17″) x D: 32cm (12.5”) approx.

The Andes Ramada 120L has 3 front pockets 1 large bottom space and a small pocket on top. It also has 1 large main pocket space 2 side zip pockets and 2 really handy mesh pockets. It has really good compression straps with fully adjustable shoulder and waist straps for ease of use.

I really like the range of colours available with this rucksack and they even have different camouflage colours. This rucksack has colours such as red, blue, orange, green, even pink. Why not Pick a colour to suit your personal style at Amazon.co.uk.



Before you order please be aware that these are very large rucksacks / backpacks. They are even large enough to carry an average size sleeping bag. These canvas polyester rucksacks also come in 12 different stylish colours. These are really worth checking out if you are looking for a tough rucksack and value for money.



Best Camping Lantern 2017

Amazingly The HEROBEAM LED Lantern is probably the Best Camping Lantern 2017? With massive sales in 2016 it is surely one of the best waterproof LED Lanterns around and is continuing it’s domination in 2017. The Herobeam Camping Lantern

The Herobeam Camping Lantern impresses us with it’s no quibble 5 year warranty. Built specifically for the outdoor UK British weather conditions, it’s designed to be super tough and durable. It’s waterproof to very high standards and even shockproof.

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Super Bright LEDS give off plenty of bright light all around you. New technologies in LED bulb efficiency have been developed recently resulting in the new COB LED. These new COB LEDS in the HEROBEAM camping Lanterns give you 360 degree light and produce 300 Lumens making them Super bright when you most need it.

There are numerous uses for an effective bright lantern such as the Herobeam range. They can be used by campers, hikers, in your garage, caravan, fishing bivvy, ideal in the boot of your car if you happen to breakdown at night. These are even ideal at home in a power cut situation.

The HEROBEAM CAMPING LANTERN (Available on Amazon)is also collapsible down to 124mm x 86mm making it super compact and easy to shove in your rucksack. Made from lightweight ABS so it isn’t heavy or cumbersome.

Here’s a quick bullet list recap of why THE HEROBEAM is the top selling camping lantern. 

hero beam lanterns

  • 5 year warranty
  • Super Bright COB LEDS
  • Super Tough ABS Casing
  • Waterproof
  • Light & Compact
  • Takes AA Batteries
  • Handy in a Variety Situations
  • British Company with Excellent Customer Service

Conclusion: Get one Today…  9.9/10

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[amazon_link asins=’B0189UAMEQ’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’httpwwwbourne-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’17ce2e18-5287-11e7-be1d-2d5eda45a61c’]


polar m400 gps sports watch with heart rate monitor

Polar M400 GPS Sports Watch with Heart Rate Monitor Black

This all in one GPS fitness watch has amazingly advanced features for an affordable price.
Top Features Included in the Polar M400 GPS Sports Watch with Heart Rate Monitor Black:

Polar M400 GPS Sports Watch with Heart Rate Monitor BlackBuilt in GPS with distance and altitude tracking

  • Pace tracking
  • Heart rate monitor with Bluetooth via the H7 heart rate sensor (H7 sold separately)
  • 24/7 Activity recorder
  • Calorie counter
  • Sync & share your training activity with Polar flow App
  • Beat your personal best with target setter

The Polar M400 GPS Sports Watch(Available on Amazon) with Heart Rate Monitor has great activity and sports training features. It is versatile and has a lightweight and fashionable design with Hi contrast and resolution. The hi resolution gives you an excellent visual display in outdoor conditions.

Choose your look from either the stylish Black or smooth White designs that are available.

Keep Track of your PB’s

I really like the function where you can track your speed and distance enabling you to keep track on your personal best times. The Polar m400 lets you know when you have just achieved a new PB (Personal Best). Use the power of the finishing time estimator and you will always be one step ahead of the competition.

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Take a look at the top features of the Polar M400 by watching the informative video above. If you want to buy one


Polar H7 Bluetooth 4.0 Heart Rate Sensor.

You can expand the use of the M400 by pairing it up with the Polar H7 Bluetooth 4.0 Heart Rate Sensor. This works by connecting to your sports watch or fitness device via Bluetooth. When connected to the paired device your heart rate and pulse are monitored in real time. You can then review all your heart rate data in real time or analyse the effects of your training on your heart after your fitness training session.
Polar H7 Bluetooth 4.0 Heart Rate Sensor

The Polar H7Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor Available on Amazon  are compatible with most modern mobiles such as the Android 4.3 and iphone 4s and above.



Coleman Event Shelter Deluxe

The Coleman Event Shelter Deluxe

The Coleman Event Shelter Deluxe edition is by far the more expensive edition in the Coleman event shelter deluxeColeman range of event shelters. The main difference with the Coleman event shelter deluxe, is the 3000 hydrostatic head. The Coleman event shelters have a varying amount of waterproofing. The Water Column of the Hydrostatic Head of a product is a measurement of the waterproof coating. This applies to the main outer fabric of the Coleman event shelter deluxe tent.

The higher the rating simply means it is more waterproof, a 3000 rating would be quite a good rating compared to a 600D rating.

To be honest with you the normal or standard Coleman event shelter with the 600 HH (hydrostatic head) is probably quite adequate in normal conditions. You would normally only buy the Deluxe Coleman event shelter if you were expecting torrential rain for long periods. The best deluxe shelter prices below.

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This is the standard XL shelter below

standard events shelter



The XL version is the most popular in the Coleman range and has a great size of 4.5M X 4.5M (15FTX15FT). The Deluxe version (Available on Amazon) is also the same size. Other sizes are available.event shelter accessories

The best features about these award winning shelters are the accessories. In addition you can literally buy individual sides and doors how awesome is that. This is ideal if you have a side wind blowing at you or even a side wind and rain.

Simply attach 3 sides and 1 door on the event shelter and you have a massive tent. These provide great headroom at 7FT 6″ tall.

Below are some images of some great ways to use the event shelterevent canopies


Check out the best selling XL shelter version prices below.

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One very important thing to note: The tent pegs that come as standard are not adequate if it gets quite windy. Many buyers have commented on this in their reviews. The best thing to do if you purchase an events tent is to buy some decent high quality tent pegs. Therefore if you are touring or camping with an events tent upgrade to some quality tent or bivvy pegs. Another alternative are Airwave leg weights specifically designed for gazebos. Available to purchase on Amazon)Airwave leg weights for gazebos

These weights are a really clever idea at an affordable cost. Furthermore they certainly will stop your events tent blowing away in really windy conditions.

Colemans do have a variety of different style of event shelters such as these [amazon_link asins=’B019X3GPJY,B00TIHSX64,B01DT647FA,B001P80GOQ’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’httpwwwbourne-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’5f670e8f-05ad-11e7-8a00-0db43bee9115′]

Conclusion: The Deluxe and the Coleman XL event shelters are of high quality build. They have sturdy and strong steel legs. They are made from the highest quality waterproof canvas. They also have a sun protection factor (SPF) of 50 .

They have sturdy foot and pole shoes and have plenty of accessories such as sun and wind blocking walls. Colman have done an excellent job as usual in creating this award winning shelter. Why not treat you and your family, get yours today!

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Coleman Instant Dome Tent 5 Person

The Coleman Instant Dome Tent 5 Person

The Coleman Instant Dome Tent 5 Person edition, is highly popular in its class. Rightly so in my eyes and many other peoples eyes going by the high number of recent sales. Coleman instant dome tentColeman in their wisdom not only bring to the market their Instant Dome Tent 5 Person(available on Amazon)  but also the instant dome 3 person, Instant dome 4 person tent and the 6 person tent.

So why is the Coleman Instant Dome Tent range so popular? Simply put it’s probably one of the fastest erecting tents available today. The Coleman Instant dome(view on Amazon) 5 tent has an extremely well thought out and clever spider-like frame.

For quick erecting the steel & fibreglass poles are already attached for a very speedy pitching time. The great thing is that there is no more taking 20-30 minutes trying to erect a complicated tent set up.

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You can set up the Coleman Instant Dome tent 5 person and the others in Coleman’s instant dome range in less than 1 minute. Now that’s awesome!!

Take a look at the video below to see how easy this (bad boy) Coleman Instant Dome tent 5 person is to put up.

I must admit the ground coverage is pretty good on the Coleman Instant Tent 5 person or should I say the footprint that is. The foot print is square and gives a generous 270cm x 270cm, also the height is good at a maximum of 170cm. Now in old money that’s 8ft 10 inches x 8ft 10 inches by 5ft 7 inches high.

The Instant tent range from Coleman also has a tough built in ground sheet which is designed to keep all the bugs out of your tent.

The only thing I DON’T LIKE about built in ground sheets is that they can cause a trip hazard. It is best to be aware of this, especially at night time or camping close to a lake.

What’s a 3000 mm Hydrostatic Head?

All Coleman Instant Tents have an impressive 3000 mm hydrostatic head. That means it can hold a 3 M column of water on its surface before any leaks can get through the tent fabric.

Special weather resistant and water repellent fabrics are used and all instant tents have taped seams. The ground sheet is also waterproof with a welded seam. Rest assured this tent will certainly keep you dry in the harshest of weather conditions.


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The Coleman Instant dome tents also come with UV Guard Protection of SPF50. This certainly helps on a really hot summers day here in the UK. Talking of being hot when you are in a tent. The Coleman Instant tents have vents that you can adjust when the weather gets to hot. It’s really a nice added bonus in hot weather conditions or a humid night.

Looking at all the features of the Coleman Instant tent range you can seriously see why it is one of the worlds best sellers. It even boasts it has won a tent award in 2014. Personally I think it is a brilliant tent for a modest price.

Now more taking ages to figure out how to put your tent up. Buy a Coleman Instant Dome tent 5 person today.

On reviewing the Coleman 5 person Instant dome tent, we concluded that it is certainly a best buy. We did review the Coleman Instant touring tent a while back which has similar attributes to the instant dome. Both these tents are definitely worth checking out with their strong design and great features.

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Coleman tents are very well designed quality tents which will last for years and not just one summer..

Other Popular items you may like:

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home and pet sitters banner

House Sitter and Pet Sitters

House sitter & Pet Sitter

House carers and pet carers are commonly known as House sitters or pet sitters. house sitter and pet sitter bannerWhy would you use one? Well first of all it’s the peace of mind a house carer or pet carer can bring you when you are away working or on vacation. Your home and possessions are obviously valuable and pets are an integral part of many families.

Have you ever had the sinking feeling of leaving your home when going on holiday. Will your home and possessions be safe from burglars. Have you ever opted to put your pet in a boarding kennel or cattery. It’s a horrible feeling leaving your pet in unfamiliar surroundings, knowing they are not going to be very happy. In fact cats and dogs can become very depressed in a short space of time.

House sitters or pet sitters could be a very affordable alternative to many people, in many cases they are free.

Using a house sitting service is the safest and speediest route to take when looking for a house sitter or pet sitter. For security reasons and peace of mind the home owner and house/pet sitter benefit from home sitting and pet sitting services. one such reliable business service is at House Carers.com.

House Carers.com offer a world wide Home sitters service and a pet sitters service.

Countries include the United Kingdom, Spain, United States, France, Australia, Portugal and many more countries around the world where house sitters and pet sitters are available.

Becoming a home sitter or pet sitter yourself can be great fun too. You can find our lots more at house carers.com if you are interested in being a house sitter or pet sitter. How would you like to get a free holiday abroad when you house sit in different countries for other people? There are many people from of all sorts of backgrounds that do home sitting. People include students, retired couples, single males and females and many other from different walks of life.

Find out more at House Carers and Pet Sitters here