Best Camping Lantern 2017

Amazingly The HEROBEAM LED Lantern is probably the Best Camping Lantern 2017? With massive sales in 2016 it is surely one of the best waterproof LED Lanterns around and is continuing it’s domination in 2017. The Herobeam Camping Lantern

The Herobeam Camping Lantern impresses us with it’s no quibble 5 year warranty. Built specifically for the outdoor UK British weather conditions, it’s designed to be super tough and durable. It’s waterproof to very high standards and even shockproof.

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Super Bright LEDS give off plenty of bright light all around you. New technologies in LED bulb efficiency have been developed recently resulting in the new COB LED. These new COB LEDS in the HEROBEAM camping Lanterns give you 360 degree light and produce 300 Lumens making them Super bright when you most need it.

There are numerous uses for an effective bright lantern such as the Herobeam range. They can be used by campers, hikers, in your garage, caravan, fishing bivvy, ideal in the boot of your car if you happen to breakdown at night. These are even ideal at home in a power cut situation.

The HEROBEAM CAMPING LANTERN (Available on Amazon)is also collapsible down to 124mm x 86mm making it super compact and easy to shove in your rucksack. Made from lightweight ABS so it isn’t heavy or cumbersome.

Here’s a quick bullet list recap of why THE HEROBEAM is the top selling camping lantern. 

hero beam lanterns

  • 5 year warranty
  • Super Bright COB LEDS
  • Super Tough ABS Casing
  • Waterproof
  • Light & Compact
  • Takes AA Batteries
  • Handy in a Variety Situations
  • British Company with Excellent Customer Service

Conclusion: Get one Today…  9.9/10

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