Best Lighters For Camping

best camping lightersThe Best Lighters For Camping. Camping stove Lighters are an essential item on any camping trip. Proper Camping stove lighters are inexpensive and can last for years. Stop struggling with a cigarette lighter as it’s so easy to buy a decent camping lighter for a few pounds.

Cigarette lighters are a waste of time trying to light your camping stove and all you do is end up burning the hairs off the back of your hand. These handy Camping stove lighters pictured on the right (Available To Buy on Amazon) are not only useful on outdoor camping trips but are also great for lighting your candles at home or even your gas cooker or BBQ at home. They also come with a handy safety button which helps to stop children pulling the ignition trigger. amazon button

Most Camping Lighters are powered by butane gas so are refillable just like your normal cigarette lighters. Small tins of butane gas are cheap to buy and are readily available in most supermarkets or available online.

You can actually get the gasless USB rechargeable, windproof, flameless lighters these days. Personally I have only used the cheaper type ones like in the picture above for camping and I have one at home for lighting candles in the evening. They work great even if it is a bit windy sometimes. Saying that it may be worth trying the USB windproof lighters (Take a look on Amazon) as they look better constructed with their modern design. They would certainly look better in a home use environment.

There are other types of camping lighters that I thought I should quickly cover in this post such as fire lighters.

Fire Lighters: Are the ones used to help start a barbeque, camp fire or outdoor wood burner. They are placed in with the wood or charcoal to help get the fire going. There are some great ones about that can get any fire going pretty quickly. One such product is the Original BURNER FIRELIGHTERS (Available on Amazon) that are brilliant at starting fires. Even if they have been left in a damp environment or exposed to water they still start fires very well. Burner Firelighters come in small sachets and are sold in a 100 sachet container. The sachets are odour free and are designed to burn slowly enabling a better all round fire starter. amazon button

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