campingaz stove review

Campingaz Stove Review

Campingaz Camping Chef Folding StoveIf your looking for a Campingaz stove you’ve come to the right place. Campingaz stoves are superbly reliable and are used by thousands of seasoned campers worldwide every year. Feeding yourself and your family is obviously an essential part of your camping trip and choosing the right stove should not be taken lightly. I’m serious here, as not having the right stove is a right pain in the butt. Now you might think what’s he on about now. Simple it is all about the gas and the stove.

Have you ever bought a gas cooker that only runs on butane? Only to find out in colder weather there is hardly any heat or flame? See you chose the wrong cooker.

I know because I have and many others have. The Campingaz stove (Available on Amazon) especially the Campingaz chef version does not only run on butane but the higher burning gas propane.

You see propane burns hotter, so in the colder weather it does not burn slow like butane. With the Campingaz stove running on propane your water boils quicker for your tea or coffee, the crispy bacon cooks quicker and your toast is done quicker.

Try cooking with butane and see what happens on a colder morning or evening, cooks slow as heck that’s what.

The Campingaz stove is a little gem when propane is connected to it (warning don’t connect propane to a cooker that cant take the heat, it’s dangerous)

This is why I’m recommending the Campingaz stove and one of the most popular in the campingaz range is the Campingaz Chef. It comes with two burners that knock out a heat of approximately two kilowatts of heat per burner, which is pretty impressive.

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The Campingaz Chef also comes with a great toaster too. Ideal for your toast or bacon or whatever you fancy.

The Campingaz stove is not only a cooker!

You thought a stove is just a stove? Above I talked about the importance of propane when cooking in cold weather. If you’ve bought a little stove and you end up with hardly any flame it’s because your running butane, remember.

Here’s the thing with a propane based stove like the campingaz Chef, it does a fantastic job of doubling up as a heater (use with caution though), remember those 4 kilowatts I mentioned. 4 kilowatts of heat will heat your tent in a few minutes (big time). Hence your Campingaz stove is far more versatile than you think.

You should always have ventilation though if using it as a heater of course. Carbon monoxide is dangerous.

Here’s some important info for you!

A blue flame does not give out carbon monoxide. The blue flame shows it is burning the gas properly, so you are at less risk with a blue flame of breathing in carbon monoxide. Propane burns hotter and provides a bluer flame than butane.

This is why I recommend the campingaz stove amazon buttonas an excellent choice of cooker for all your camping trips. It also offers exceptional value for money. The Campingaz stoves are designed to be extremely strong and robust, not only that they will last for years and years. The lid is designed to act as a wind break when opened to help maintain a high flame.

Campingaz Chef Stove with grillA negative note

They are slightly heavy, that’s the only downsize, due to its rugged construction. That is why they last for years though. Can’t have it all ways now can we!

I hope this Campingaz stove review helps you in your decision in choosing a new camping stove of quality and please don’t forget about the propane and butane issue when purchasing a camping stove. Take my word for it choose a Campingaz Camping Chef Stove and Grill with Clips and Tubing (Available on Amazon)

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