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House carers and pet carers are commonly known as House sitters or pet sitters. house sitter and pet sitter bannerWhy would you use one? Well first of all it’s the peace of mind a house carer or pet carer can bring you when you are away working or on vacation. Your home and possessions are obviously valuable and pets are an integral part of many families.

Have you ever had the sinking feeling of leaving your home when going on holiday. Will your home and possessions be safe from burglars. Have you ever opted to put your pet in a boarding kennel or cattery. It’s a horrible feeling leaving your pet in unfamiliar surroundings, knowing they are not going to be very happy. In fact cats and dogs can become very depressed in a short space of time.

House sitters or pet sitters could be a very affordable alternative to many people, in many cases they are free.

Using a house sitting service is the safest and speediest route to take when looking for a house sitter or pet sitter. For security reasons and peace of mind the home owner and house/pet sitter benefit from home sitting and pet sitting services. one such reliable business service is at House

House offer a world wide Home sitters service and a pet sitters service.

Countries include the United Kingdom, Spain, United States, France, Australia, Portugal and many more countries around the world where house sitters and pet sitters are available.

Becoming a home sitter or pet sitter yourself can be great fun too. You can find our lots more at house if you are interested in being a house sitter or pet sitter. How would you like to get a free holiday abroad when you house sit in different countries for other people? There are many people from of all sorts of backgrounds that do home sitting. People include students, retired couples, single males and females and many other from different walks of life.

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