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Berghaus Paclite Jacket

 Berghaus Paclite Jacket Review

Berghaus Paclite JacketThe Berghaus Paclite Jacket offers you superb waterproof protection in the extremist of weathers. Not only waterproof the Berghaus Paclite Jacket is completely windproof. Even in winds over 60 miles an hour the Paclite wont let you down .

The Paclite Jacket has been especially designed by Berghaus. They have over 50 years experience in providing it’s customers with exceptional quality outdoor clothing.

amazon buttonThe Berghaus Paclite Jacket has been improved and is now in its 3rd version, the Paclite 3. This is due to the advanced design and in the advancement in material technology.

The Berghaus Paclite Jacket is made from one of the most waterproof materials available today, commonly known as GOR-TEX.

The GOR-TEX waterproof material is extensively used by many of the worlds military forces. Such as the army and navy. Berghaus who make the Paclite Jacket, were one of the first European companies to introduce GOR-TEX into their clothing range.

Hence the Berghaus Paclite (Available on Amazon) Jacket simply offers you the best protection from the elements. The Paclite offers superb breathability due to its specially designed materials while still keeping you dry.

The Paclite as the name implies offers a lightweight solution in all weather conditions. A stuff sac/ bag is included, making it easy to pop in your rucksack or bag.

The Berghaus Paclite has 2 pockets with zips. Also the main body zip has a cover to keep out the wind and rain.Berghaus Paclite Jacket The Paclite also has a rollback hood. This can be hidden when not needed. It is extremely easy to release and open the hood when the rain comes.

The Paclite is a very versatile and nicely styled waterproof jacket. It comes in a variety of nicely thought out colours. Available colours are black, carbon, dusk, extreme red/thunder and an intense blue.

The cuffs and hem on the Berghaus Paclite Jacket can be adjusted. This makes the Paclite easily tailored to your specific needs.

Berghaus Paclite Trousers Side ViewThe Berghaus Paclite rangeamazon button also offer the Berghaus Paclite Trousers. The Waterproof Paclite trousers compliment the jacket. As a combination, Berghaus offers you the Paclite jacket and trousers as the perfect all weather solution.

If you are camping, hiking, fishing or even as everyday wet weather clothing, the Paclite range will offer you maximum protection.

I’d like to clarify (as it is an important point) when buying waterproof clothing. The best Waterproof clothing uses the best materials. Many waterproof jackets and trousers are only sprayed with an inferior waterproof spray.

This is why I recommend products such as the Berghaus Paclite range of clothing. The GOR-TEX material used is in itself waterproof and not just sprayed.

To me I do not see a point in buying inferior so called waterproof products. Inferior products simply will not last. In fact a cheaper product in the long run, will put most people well out of pocket over the years. Well just my thoughts.

Please take a closer look at the Berghaus Paclite Jacket video below. Why not Judge the great features of the jacket for yourself. Enjoy!!!

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Berghaus RG1 Review

Berghaus RG1 Review

Berghaus RG1 jacketThe Berghaus RG1 is an excellent 3 in one jacket for camping, hiking and walking. The outer layer is made of  material which is completely waterproof as well as breathable.

I have noticed over the years that some waterproof jackets just make you sweat causing you to overheat in all conditions. With the Berghaus RG1 it certainly solves this problem with the layer due to its breathability.

The Berghaus RG1 jacket and its waterproof AQ2 material. gives it a hydrostatic head rating of up to 10,000. This makes the RG1 waterproof even in the harshest wet conditions.

The berghaus RG1 comes with an inner detachable micro fleece layer which isamazon button designed to keep you warm in colder conditions.

The Berghaus 3 in one allows you to wear the outer layer separately or the inner fleece layer separately. In severe weather simply combine the two layers to stay warm and dry.

The Berghaus RG1 also includes an easy to use and practical roll away hood, this comes with draw strings similar to the ones you find on most jackets of this type.

One other point I like about this Berghaus 3 in 1 jacket is that it is extremely light. on another note is it dries really quickly. This is probably due to the water being taken away by the  AQ2 material. You will notice that when out in the rain that the water on the berghaus RG1 outer layer simply forms into water beads and runs off extremely quickly. It is really exceptional at repelling water.

Oh by the way you can buy the RG1 as a single layer (at the time of writing this anyway). The RG1 was originally a very popular and best selling single layer jacket, however Berghaus decided to improve on it, hence the RG1 3 in 1 jacket was introduced at a later date.


The Berghaus 3 in 1 (Available on Amazon) has two built in pockets in it’s outer layer that help keep your hands warm in colder conditions and obviously to store small items in. The fleece/micro fleece layer also comes with two neat hand warmer pockets. All pockets on this Berghaus jacket have the addition of zips, which is a nice little extra touch showing that it is another top quality garment from Berghaus.

On a point of note, remember never to wash any water repellent jacket such as the Berghaus RG1 with any biological washing powder or biological liquids.

amazon buttonBerghaus RG1 3 in 1 jacketBiological detergents will break down the waterproof repellent on the garment making it a lot less waterproof. It is best to see the washing instructions label on any waterproof garment.


The Burghaus RG1 has been one of the best selling waterproof jacket in the Burghaus range. With the introduction of the RG1 3 in 1 jacket and it’s removable fleece system Berghaus have surely come up with another best seller. The RG1 and the Berghaus RG1 3 in 1 both have rave reviews across many shopping outlets. It’s good to see a top quality item that does what it says. This will definitely keep you warm and dry. Top marks!