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Berghaus Paclite Trousers Review


Berghaus Paclite Trousers Review
Berghaus Paclite Trousers
If you are looking for high quality waterproof trousers, look no further than these cutting edge Gore-Tex Paclite trousers from Berghaus(buy now on Amazon) .

The Berghaus Paclite Trousers have been specifically designed to use in the harshest of the UK weather conditions. Gor-Tex is a highly waterproof fabric which is also windproof and offers breathability which reduces sweating.

The Berghaus Paclite range of clothing has a very high following amongst outdoor enthusiasts. This is due to the highest quality of the materials used.

The Berghaus Paclite Trousers weigh in at a extremely light 185g on average. They pack down into an extremely small mesh fabric stuff bag/sac. That makes it easy to carry around in any outdoor situation. Great for just chucking in your rucksack.

Another great feature of these Berghaus waterproof trousers is the 3/4 length zips. This helps to vent in hotter walking situations, this is a great addition for maximum breathability.

The elasticated zip on the Berghaus Paclite trousers allows for easy stretch over youramazon button existing clothing. Even over base layers and trousers there is ample stretch. Another point is that the 3/4 zips aid with putting on the berghaus paclite trousers. Especially over your boots, making it less of a struggle to put on in a hurry.

These Berghaus waterproof trousers come in many sizes and lengths in both the men’s Paclite over trousers and women’s Paclite over trousers variety. It is best to check the length size on ordering so you have the correct waist and length size for your personal needs.

When purchasing the short version size for my fishing trips I found they were just right for me as I have a 29″ leg which was the ideal size for me personally.

Berghaus Paclite TrousersThe Berghaus Paclite over trousers (Available on Amazon) are I feel a little pricey. That said, if it is high quality, durability and reliability to keep you dry then price is irrelevant.

As usual in life you get what you pay for. It’s pointless buying waterproof trousers that are only covered in a spray that deteriorates. You soon find out the coatings gone and the wets coming through.

The Gor-Tex fabric ensures it’s long lasting waterproofing and breathability. That is why the military have so much clothing containing Gor-Tex.

Berghaus were one of the first outdoor clothing companies to introduce Gor-Tex into their range of products, such as their Paclite waterproof trousers.

Stylish, Waterproof, all weather trousers..

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