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best cycling helmet 2017

Best Cycling Helmet 2017

Best Cycling Helmet 2017

Buying a new cycling helmet is an extremely important decision, so which is the best cycling helmet 2017? There is one in particular that seems to really benefit the cyclists more than most, namely the Prowell F59R Vipor Cycle Helmet. Prowell F59R Vipor Cycle Helmet Now my number 1 issue in choosing a cycling helmet is Safety. Safety is paramount. We see it all the time on the TV where loads of copycat products are imported into the UK.

Motorbike helmets and cycling helmets are no exception to cheap illegal imports. So the buyer should and must be aware of the dangers of purchasing a cycling helmet that has no British or European Safety standards. That said the Prowell F59R Vipor Cycle Helmet is fully tested to high European safety standards. There’s no point risking an injury to your head with a cheap or knockoff import from Asia etc.. So that’s my number one and most important point. (Please don’t risk yours or your families safety).

Ok so why have I chosen this particular cycling helmet? Well the Prowell F59R cycle helmet ticks all the boxes in so many areas. It’s new sleek hugely improved design is  highly popular, making it one of the top selling best cycling helmet 2017 in the UK? It’s popularity comes from not only it’s dual-density safety structure but its lightness and comfort. In fact it’s super light compared to some cycling helmets.

The Prowell F59R Vipor cycle helmet (available on Amazon) has been made lighter with bigger internal and external air vents which massively increases the flow of air in and around your head. This in turn enables you to keep cooler even in the toughest and hottest conditions that you might face.

Visibility for motorists helps with a cool reflective strip around the helmet. Also I certainly like the top feature of a built in 360 degree viewable detachable top LED flash light that’s available with this best selling cycle helmet. You also get a nice choice of different coloured cycling helmets which are available too.

Let’s take a look at the top features and why I think this is the most popular & best cycle helmet 2017
  • Made to European safety standards
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Great airflow features
  • Adjustable head fitting
  • Available with build in detachable LED flashlight
  • A Top Best Seller
  • Popularity
  • Adjustable
  • Affordability

Conclusion: Highly Popular 9.5/10 button