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Led Lenser P7.2

The Led Lenser P7.2

Led Lenser P7.2 Review

The Led Lenser P7.2The Led Lenser P7.2 is highly sort after and raved about because of it’s great features. For camping and hiking purposes it is ideal as it is light and fairly compact, so storage is certainly not an issue. Believe me the P7.2 is used by millions of people including many police officers, emergency and rescue services around the world.

Don’t be fooled! The Led Lenser P7.2 torch is immensely powerful and extremely bright for its compact size although it is categorised as a medium size torch. Not only that it is highly versatile with it’s advanced focus system (AFS). The Led Lenser P7.2 has an awesome beam with a maximum output of 320 Lumens being produced which is super bright for a torch of this size. In reality the beam can stretch effortlessly for up to 260 meters away.

What I like about the Led Lenser P7.2 is it’s patented lens technology enabling you to focus with a single hand for super fast focusing. With the quick slide mechanism you can adjust you can also widen the beam so it illuminates a wider area around you.(so a wide beam or a spot beam which is a very handy feature)

The Led Lenser P7.2 also has the excellent feature of a 1 click turn on, if you click the ON button once again it dips the torch beam immediately to a lower brightness. This is a handy feature as the main lens is extremely bright. The Led Lenser P7.2 is built with a dynamic switch which offers 3 settings,

  • Power
  • Lower Power
  • Power Boost

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Is the Led Lenser P7.2 tough enough? This has apparently been designed using German indestructible advanced technology for superior durability. It is also designed to be highly water resistant even in pouring rain. My only little niggle on the Led Lenser P7.2 is that it is not 100% waterproof however I was assured that it would work in the rain without any problems at all.

On a positive note the Led Lenser P7.2 comes with an impressive 5 year warranty included which sort of reassured me of its high quality built components. Not many companies offer this much confidence in their products as LED LENSER do. Let’s take a quick look at the specs of the Led Lenser P7.2

  • 320 Lumens
  • Minimum Power 40 Lumens
  • 13 cm in Length
  • Wattage 7.5W
  • Weight 175g
  • Comes with 4 AAA Batteries included
  • Comes with belt pouch

One more quick note on being tough, under the nice matt black finish is lurking high quality aircraft grade rustproof aluminium. The Led Lenser P7.2 has been designed with a super grip handle which aids the handling of the torch. Not only that, the P7.2 has been designed with gold plated corrosion resistant interior electrical contacts.

The Led Lenser P7.2 is an upgrade from it’s popular predecessor the P7 so it is lighter and more powerful. They have improved on the Cree microchip technology giving it more lens power.

Battery Life is a very good 50 hours with the Led Lenser P7.2 which is certainly sufficient for a high power torch, in theory on average use batteries should last for a good few weeks . A high power alkaline battery is advised or alternately you can use a very high power rechargeable.

The Led Lenser P7.2My Conclusion on the Led Lenser P7.2 Is that it is a high quality product with great features that are very useful in different night time circumstances. It has great adjustable illumination capabilities and is certainly robust. A massive plus is also the inclusion of a 5 year warranty for total peace of mind, so personally I would have no hesitation in purchasing The Led Lenser P7.2. If it’s good enough for the emergency services it’s good enough for me!

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