Hi Tec Walking Boots

Hi Tec Walking Boots

Hi Tec Walking BootsWhy are these Hi Tec walking boots one of the most popular purchased by walkers   and hikers alike? The product I’m referring to here is the Hi-Tec Waterproof Eurotrek Walking Boot. Why this product?

Firstly as all walkers know, that comfortable boots are a must have accessory, otherwise you will certainly suffer.  Uncomfortable boots cause blisters, painful joints and sweaty feet.

Hi Tec walking boots are designed with comfort in mind. Their Eurotrek walking boots are fully waterproof due to its tough leather construction. This is combined with protective water resistant lining and removable sock liner. The Meshes inside the boots are waterproofed and have a membrane backing.

Even the threads used on these Hi Tec walking boots are waterproof, also Hi Tec have gone one further with using waterproof cement on the seams. They also have rustproof eyelets for the laces.

amazon buttonThere is quite a large range of Hi Tec walking boots but The Eurotrek seems to tick all the boxes and has rave reviews. Many walkers and hikers like the lightweight and comfortable construction of the Eurotrek which makes them easy to wear for longer periods.

The flexible carbon rubber sole is specifically designed for its toughness and durable properties over tough terrain. Looked after they can certainly last you for years to come.

These Hi Tec walking boots stand up well on wet rocky surfaces, they have proved their worth with their anti slip rubber soles that have a good deep tread underneath, giving maximum grip.

The Eurotrek Hi Tec Walking Boots (Available on Amazon)  are quite wide fitting which allows for a decent pair of good quality walking socks. I normally wear a snug merino wool sock which are nice and thin but keep your feet really warm in winter. Then I put a thicker walking sock over the top.

Just in case you didn’t know Merino wool has one of the highest thermal and heat retention properties of any wool or man made fabric. Want the best thermal socks? buy merino wool ones.

I’m waffling! Lets get back to Boot choices.

Now To be honest with you, I use the Northwest Inuvik Boots as that was my choice. I needed a new pair of boots a couple of years ago, so I picked Inuvik.

That said, due to the great membrane technology used in the Eurotrek boots. The build quality of these Hi Tec Euro trek boots, the fantastic reviews that others have reported, I would seriously consider these as an option in the future.

Here’s a quick pointer list when buying walking or hiking boots:

  • Buy boots that are comfortable
  • Make sure they are waterproof (reviews confirm they are waterproof)
  • They must be breathable
  • Walking boots must be hard wearing
  • Walking boots must have good grip
  • Also good ankle support

amazon buttonAt the price range, the Hi Tec Eurotrek walking boots are I feel good value. That said how much value would I put on having comfortable, dry and warm feet while walking in the winter. I certainly wouldn’t worry about the price to much.

Anyway, personally I give the Eurotrek walking boots a big thumbs up for comfort.

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