Northwest Territory Inuvik Leather Hiking Boots

Northwest Territory Inuvik Leather Hiking Boots

Hiking or walking boots are an integral part of any camping or hiking trip and a high quality boot is a must have item. Hiking boots must be tough and durable but more importantly than that in my mind, is that they are fully waterproof.MENS INUVIK WATERPROOF LACE UP WALKING/HIKING  BOOT

On a personal note, I always buy a decent leather boot as they are in no doubt easier to clean and maintain than a canvas hiking boot.

The Northwest territory inuvik leather hiking boots (Available on Amazon) tick all the boxes for me here. Firstly the upper is made of a genuine high quality Leather.  This not only helps in the waterproofing process but helps its durability.

The leather of the Waterproof Northwest Territory Inuvik Leather Hiking Boots is smooth and good looking.The Quality speaks for itself

These quality hiking boots are constructed using all good quality materials, the uppers as mentioned are leather and the outsole is made from extra durable rubber. The rubber sole unit has a deep rugged tread pattern for that extra non slip grip in difficult terrains.


Comfort is a very Important factor to take into consideration when choosing the right Hiking boot. The designers of the Northwest Territory Inuvik Leather Hiking Boots have included a removable and washable cushioned insole, that features a super EVA shock absorber.

This helps to keep your feet warmer and comfortable on long hikes on all terrains

MENS INUVIK WATERPROOF LACE UP WALKING/HIKING BOOT Waterproofing is supplied via a hydro membrane ensuring your feet stay nice and dry at all times. Personally I always recommend using dubbin to add extra waterproofing and protection when getting new boots, although these boots are really well waterproofed.

The hydro membrane is also breathable, which certainly helps in warmer conditions. Being breathable simply means your feet do not sweat as much.

The Northwest Territory Inuvik boot’s breathability, help with providing comfortable feet conditions in all weathers. Check Out Todays Best Price on Amazon

 A range of colours are available

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