Vango Sleeping Bags

Vango Sleeping Bags

vango sleeping bagVango sleeping bags have a large variety of well designed sleeping bags. When buying a sleeping bag it is important to remember a few important points. As an avid outdoor person I have made the mistake of purchasing a sleeping bag without thinking about quality and importantly how warm the bag is.

Do you need a 2 season, 3 season sleeping bag or even a four to 5 season sleeping bag. So what I am saying is make sure you choose the right sleeping bag for the time of year you are camping in.

Luckily Vango sleeping bags give us the luxury of choosing the right one for our needs. Now I hate the cold and it can get pretty chilly here in the UK even in the summer evenings.

So for me I would choose a sleeping bag that is at least  3-amazon button4 season. Maybe something like the popular

KingCamp Trek 300 Camping Hiking 3 – 4 Season Mummy Sleeping Bag

kingcamp 250 sleeping bag

The kingcamp Trek 300 is a good all rounder as sleeping bags go and has a good size. The length is 215cm, top width 80cm then narrows to 55cm. In old fashioned terms (as I’m old school) that is 7ft x 2ft 7in x 21-1/2 inches. This is commonly known as the mummy style sleeping bag. If you like a comfy sleeping bag that snugs tightly around you it would be a good choice.

These mummy type sleeping bags are mainly designed to protect your head, neck and shoulders from the cold weather. The Vango Kingcamp 300 (Available on Amazon) is designed to keep you warm down to temperatures of -10 degrees centigrade.

Although one of the most popular Vango sleeping bags, personally I wouldn’t buy one. You see I have bought a Vango mummy sleeping bag before. They are to claustrophobic for me personally. I hate being hemmed in, although I don’t suffer with claustrophobia at all mind you.

So what Vango sleeping bags would I go for. Well that’s an easy answer!

The Vango Sonno Comfort Sleeping Bag. 

I find this is one of the best Vango sleeping bags on the market. It’s the pinnacle of luxury and comfort. The Vango Sonno has a smooth, warm Polair®Super Soft Shell. Theres more! How about the smooth Polair®Soft micro lining which is a Soft touch micro-fibre, it is wonderfully cosy, it is also a breathable fabric which stops you sweating to much.

The length on Sonno Vango sleeping bags are 220cm x 80 that is 7ft 2 1/2 inches x 2ft 7.  No more being hemmed in as it is 80cm all the way down. No more cold nylon next to you, warm micro fibre.. ahh Pure Bliss. Designed as a 3 to 4 season sleeping bag and boast a good 11.2 Tog rating.

Why not treat yourself to a warmer more comfy sleeping experience, you know you deserve it.

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Berghaus Paclite Jacket

 Berghaus Paclite Jacket Review

Berghaus Paclite JacketThe Berghaus Paclite Jacket offers you superb waterproof protection in the extremist of weathers. Not only waterproof the Berghaus Paclite Jacket is completely windproof. Even in winds over 60 miles an hour the Paclite wont let you down .

The Paclite Jacket has been especially designed by Berghaus. They have over 50 years experience in providing it’s customers with exceptional quality outdoor clothing.

amazon buttonThe Berghaus Paclite Jacket has been improved and is now in its 3rd version, the Paclite 3. This is due to the advanced design and in the advancement in material technology.

The Berghaus Paclite Jacket is made from one of the most waterproof materials available today, commonly known as GOR-TEX.

The GOR-TEX waterproof material is extensively used by many of the worlds military forces. Such as the army and navy. Berghaus who make the Paclite Jacket, were one of the first European companies to introduce GOR-TEX into their clothing range.

Hence the Berghaus Paclite (Available on Amazon) Jacket simply offers you the best protection from the elements. The Paclite offers superb breathability due to its specially designed materials while still keeping you dry.

The Paclite as the name implies offers a lightweight solution in all weather conditions. A stuff sac/ bag is included, making it easy to pop in your rucksack or bag.

The Berghaus Paclite has 2 pockets with zips. Also the main body zip has a cover to keep out the wind and rain.Berghaus Paclite Jacket The Paclite also has a rollback hood. This can be hidden when not needed. It is extremely easy to release and open the hood when the rain comes.

The Paclite is a very versatile and nicely styled waterproof jacket. It comes in a variety of nicely thought out colours. Available colours are black, carbon, dusk, extreme red/thunder and an intense blue.

The cuffs and hem on the Berghaus Paclite Jacket can be adjusted. This makes the Paclite easily tailored to your specific needs.

Berghaus Paclite Trousers Side ViewThe Berghaus Paclite rangeamazon button also offer the Berghaus Paclite Trousers. The Waterproof Paclite trousers compliment the jacket. As a combination, Berghaus offers you the Paclite jacket and trousers as the perfect all weather solution.

If you are camping, hiking, fishing or even as everyday wet weather clothing, the Paclite range will offer you maximum protection.

I’d like to clarify (as it is an important point) when buying waterproof clothing. The best Waterproof clothing uses the best materials. Many waterproof jackets and trousers are only sprayed with an inferior waterproof spray.

This is why I recommend products such as the Berghaus Paclite range of clothing. The GOR-TEX material used is in itself waterproof and not just sprayed.

To me I do not see a point in buying inferior so called waterproof products. Inferior products simply will not last. In fact a cheaper product in the long run, will put most people well out of pocket over the years. Well just my thoughts.

Please take a closer look at the Berghaus Paclite Jacket video below. Why not Judge the great features of the jacket for yourself. Enjoy!!!

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Berghaus Paclite Trousers Review


Berghaus Paclite Trousers Review
Berghaus Paclite Trousers
If you are looking for high quality waterproof trousers, look no further than these cutting edge Gore-Tex Paclite trousers from Berghaus(buy now on Amazon) .

The Berghaus Paclite Trousers have been specifically designed to use in the harshest of the UK weather conditions. Gor-Tex is a highly waterproof fabric which is also windproof and offers breathability which reduces sweating.

The Berghaus Paclite range of clothing has a very high following amongst outdoor enthusiasts. This is due to the highest quality of the materials used.

The Berghaus Paclite Trousers weigh in at a extremely light 185g on average. They pack down into an extremely small mesh fabric stuff bag/sac. That makes it easy to carry around in any outdoor situation. Great for just chucking in your rucksack.

Another great feature of these Berghaus waterproof trousers is the 3/4 length zips. This helps to vent in hotter walking situations, this is a great addition for maximum breathability.

The elasticated zip on the Berghaus Paclite trousers allows for easy stretch over youramazon button existing clothing. Even over base layers and trousers there is ample stretch. Another point is that the 3/4 zips aid with putting on the berghaus paclite trousers. Especially over your boots, making it less of a struggle to put on in a hurry.

These Berghaus waterproof trousers come in many sizes and lengths in both the men’s Paclite over trousers and women’s Paclite over trousers variety. It is best to check the length size on ordering so you have the correct waist and length size for your personal needs.

When purchasing the short version size for my fishing trips I found they were just right for me as I have a 29″ leg which was the ideal size for me personally.

Berghaus Paclite TrousersThe Berghaus Paclite over trousers (Available on Amazon) are I feel a little pricey. That said, if it is high quality, durability and reliability to keep you dry then price is irrelevant.

As usual in life you get what you pay for. It’s pointless buying waterproof trousers that are only covered in a spray that deteriorates. You soon find out the coatings gone and the wets coming through.

The Gor-Tex fabric ensures it’s long lasting waterproofing and breathability. That is why the military have so much clothing containing Gor-Tex.

Berghaus were one of the first outdoor clothing companies to introduce Gor-Tex into their range of products, such as their Paclite waterproof trousers.

Stylish, Waterproof, all weather trousers..

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Meindl Walking Boots

Meindl Walking Boots

Meindl Walking BootsLots of people love to spend time on their hiking and walking activities. One essential and extremely important part of our walking and hiking activities, is deciding on a decent pair of comfortable walking boots.

Both walking and hiking activities put a serious amount of stress and pressure on our feet. In this case we need to ensure maximum comfort and protection. A superior walking boot is a major priority.

Meindl Walking Boots are essentially hand made. They are specifically designed to offer superior performance in all weathers. One of the most popular products in the Mendle walking boots range are the Meindl Softline Mens Ultra GTX Boots.

Meindl Walking Boots are specially constructed to offer high level of comfort and flexibility to users. The most interesting thing about Meindl Walking Boots is that they are designed to provide maximum performance in all challenging outdoor conditions.

Here are some key features of the Meindl Softline Mens Ultra GTX Boots: (Available on Amazon)

  • These meindl walking boots are designed with highly durable and quality material that ensures flexibility when people walk in challenging conditions.
  • Its Gore-Tex lining provides full waterproof protection in order to ensure comfort for feet when you have to walk over snow, mud or water.
  • Fully breathable Gore-Tex lining
  • Its fiber cushion type insole gives superior cushioning.
  • Its flexible lacing mechanism extends as per expansion of foot and the upper half portion is designed to stay firm in order to guarantee perfect support to ankles.
  • Importantly these meindl walking boots are incredibly light on your feet

Meindl Walking Boots

The sole unit of Meindl softline ultra is designed with deep cut multi-grip soleamazon button developed by Vibram. lugs which allow wearers to perform excellently at almost all types of surfaces. Even muddy or wet surfaces are no match for these Mendl walking boots .

The internal flex plate and PU midsole helps in positioning of boot’s flex point at right location that ensures more comfort.

The midsole also helps to measure the level of lateral support with improved cushioning so that wearers can always have comfortable feeling about their feet. The upper part of these boosts is constructed with durable suede leather and mesh; the overall design looks very classy as well as stylish.

There are different types of Meindl however the video below will give you a good idea of quality. Let’s take a look.

On a slight negative, these softline ultra GTX Meindl walking boots, seem a little pricey for some. However these walking boots are built to last and are really very comfortable for your hiking and trekking needs.

The sole is really brilliant and it performs perfectly for all weather conditions. They also come with the ultimate lining of the added Gore Texamazon button protection. If you are searching for some high quality foot ware. These meindl walking boots will certainly help you to enjoy your next trekking session with friends.

This product will return you best value of investment and it will surely serve you for years. You will love the rich comfort and classy appearance.

Merley court holiday parks in Dorset

Holiday Parks In Dorset

Holiday Parks In Dorset 2016

Sorefield holidays There are many great holiday parks in Dorset that you can stay at. I’m lucky enough to know the area well as I live on the outskirts of Bournemouth. Dorset offers stunning scenery with it’s amazing coastline and beaches, country walks and fantastic amenities.

Depending on your holiday requirements, you have a few good options. You may choose to look at one of these following holiday parks in Dorset. If you are looking for a fantastic luxury Break, a place to pitch your tent or rent a holiday home, a good place to start is at Shorefield Holidays. They own and operate several amazing holiday parks in Dorset. The fantastic Shorefield Country Park just over the border in Hampshire.

Merley Court Holiday Parks in Dorset

Merley Court is another one of their holiday parks in Dorset. This is situated near the ancient town of Wimborne. Merley court is a good sized park of approximately 15 acre, it boasts  some fantastic luxury lodges.

holiday parks in dorset hot tubs

Just layback and relax with a nice glass of your favourite wine.

These lodges come with wonderful luxurious hot tubs. This is where you can sooth away any aches and pains and truly relax.

It’s wonderful to lay in these hot tubs, especially with a nice glass of fine wine in the summer evenings.

Merley Court is one of the most popular luxury holiday parks in Dorset. Merley court even has it’s Merley Inn on site. It is open during the day and offers several beverage options. Tea, coffee and light snacks are available. In the evenings the Merley Inn also offers hearty meals. Great if you don’t fancy cooking that evening.

Merley court holiday parks in DorsetOther facilities at Merley Court holiday Park, Include a generous sized heated outdoor swimming pool. A great smaller paddling pool for younger children is available too.

Other facilities at Merley Court include a convenient shop. This is where you can buy all your weekly food essentials. The video below will give you a nice insight into Merley Court Holiday Park

There are many other activities to enjoy in your visit to Merley Court Holiday Park. There is the famous Castleman Trailway cycle route and footpath that adjoins the park.

Also you can take a short drive to Oakdene Forest Park. Merley Court guests can make use of all the facilities at the Oakdene park too.

Oakdene includes excellent indoor and outdoor swimming pools. A Gym, Go Spa, play areas, bars and restaurant, and of course the full range of Go Active + and Go Juniors activities. For more details see the Shorefields website here Shorefield Holidays









Hi Tec Walking Boots

Hi Tec Walking Boots

Hi Tec Walking BootsWhy are these Hi Tec walking boots one of the most popular purchased by walkers   and hikers alike? The product I’m referring to here is the Hi-Tec Waterproof Eurotrek Walking Boot. Why this product?

Firstly as all walkers know, that comfortable boots are a must have accessory, otherwise you will certainly suffer.  Uncomfortable boots cause blisters, painful joints and sweaty feet.

Hi Tec walking boots are designed with comfort in mind. Their Eurotrek walking boots are fully waterproof due to its tough leather construction. This is combined with protective water resistant lining and removable sock liner. The Meshes inside the boots are waterproofed and have a membrane backing.

Even the threads used on these Hi Tec walking boots are waterproof, also Hi Tec have gone one further with using waterproof cement on the seams. They also have rustproof eyelets for the laces.

amazon buttonThere is quite a large range of Hi Tec walking boots but The Eurotrek seems to tick all the boxes and has rave reviews. Many walkers and hikers like the lightweight and comfortable construction of the Eurotrek which makes them easy to wear for longer periods.

The flexible carbon rubber sole is specifically designed for its toughness and durable properties over tough terrain. Looked after they can certainly last you for years to come.

These Hi Tec walking boots stand up well on wet rocky surfaces, they have proved their worth with their anti slip rubber soles that have a good deep tread underneath, giving maximum grip.

The Eurotrek Hi Tec Walking Boots (Available on Amazon)  are quite wide fitting which allows for a decent pair of good quality walking socks. I normally wear a snug merino wool sock which are nice and thin but keep your feet really warm in winter. Then I put a thicker walking sock over the top.

Just in case you didn’t know Merino wool has one of the highest thermal and heat retention properties of any wool or man made fabric. Want the best thermal socks? buy merino wool ones.

I’m waffling! Lets get back to Boot choices.

Now To be honest with you, I use the Northwest Inuvik Boots as that was my choice. I needed a new pair of boots a couple of years ago, so I picked Inuvik.

That said, due to the great membrane technology used in the Eurotrek boots. The build quality of these Hi Tec Euro trek boots, the fantastic reviews that others have reported, I would seriously consider these as an option in the future.

Here’s a quick pointer list when buying walking or hiking boots:

  • Buy boots that are comfortable
  • Make sure they are waterproof (reviews confirm they are waterproof)
  • They must be breathable
  • Walking boots must be hard wearing
  • Walking boots must have good grip
  • Also good ankle support

amazon buttonAt the price range, the Hi Tec Eurotrek walking boots are I feel good value. That said how much value would I put on having comfortable, dry and warm feet while walking in the winter. I certainly wouldn’t worry about the price to much.

Anyway, personally I give the Eurotrek walking boots a big thumbs up for comfort.


Intex Air Bed Review


Comfortable sleep is a necessity in our lives. If we do not get good sleep at night, our entire day is ruined.intex air bed We are unable to concentrate on our work, lack energy and enthusiasm for life. For a good night’s sleep, a good and comfortable bed is absolutely crucial. Once you have a good bed, sleep will come only in a matter of minutes, and you will wake up the next day feeling refreshed and ready to take on any challenges that life may throw at you.

The Intex Air Bed seems like an answer to our needs. It is easy to use—it can be deflated and inflated very handily and can be good for people of all ages, even senior citizens with back problems or any other issues.  It can easily be operated with the main plug and its batteries, the Intex Air Bed has a built in air pump which saves time and the stress of using an old fashioned foot pump. The technology is simple and straight forward. It has been designed in a way so that the beds can be used by anybody.intex air bed

The Intex air bed is supremely comfortable and can be kept anywhere. It is also  considerably cheaper than other big name air bed brands present in the market as of now.  If you have guests or large families coming over to stay in your house and you don’amazon buttont have enough beds or other options for them to sleep on, these air beds can provide an instant solution. The products are value for money and do not require a lot of maintenance, which is an added advantage. These beds are easy to clean as well.

The Intex Air bed can be inflated and deflated in minutes, saving you a lot of time and energy. This product is a dream come true for those who are looking for easy solutions to their daily problems. The beds have slightly raised sides so you are not at a risk of falling off. You can sleep in peace and comfort.

Unlike a lot of other air beds, the Intex air bed (Available on Amazon) does not sink in the middle after using it for a number of times. It is sturdy and durable. It is not damaged by water either.

This air bed is suitable for children also. Often, children like to jump on beds for fun or might create a mess, but this airbed has been built to withstand all of that. The airbeds have been crafted using top quality materials, as is evident from their effectiveness. You need not worry about your kids injuring themselves or damaging the bed. They can have their fun and you can be at peace.

Many households and families are starting to switch to airbeds as a permanent replacement for regular beds. This does wonders for the family’s overall health and well being. The Intex Air bed is also very easy to store. Once you let the air out, you can store them for as long as you want. Then you can use them when you need to.

amazon buttonThese beds are light and therefore can be moved from one place to another quite easily. Order yours today on Amazon

intex air bed


Coleman Instant Tourer Review

Coleman Instant Tourer Review

Coleman Inatant Toure TentThe Coleman has specifically designed as a super fast erecting tent. In fact the Coleman Instant tourer can be put up in as quick as 1 to 3 minutes. Now to be honest, to put a tent up in 1 to 3 minutes is a bold claim by the manufacturer.  Saying that Coleman are one of the best tent producers in their field.

The Coleman instant tourer is indeed one of the quickest 4 person tent that I have ever had the pleasure to witness being erected, it’s incredible actually.

You see the Coleman Instant Tourer (Available on Amazon) has instant tent technology. The simple thing is,  that the steel poles are already connected to the tent. Coleman then utilises a clever, revolutionary spider like framework. This technology enables the tent to be pitched in literally one minute flat. You can see in the photos to the right how easy it is to do.

Now I have to point out that the instant tourer tent is only a 4 person one room tent, so if you are looking for separate compartments or sleeping quarters then this tent isn’t for you.

The Coleman Instant tourer has been designed for the more active camping community or someone that is on the go and moving from camp site to campsite quite quickly. The thing being it is quick to erect and also extremely quick to take down also. Actually I think it would be great for festivals like the famous Glastonbury festival in Somerset. Any outdoor gigs or raves would suit this tent.

amazon buttonIt’s super fast to erect & take down! Great for festivals.

Simply get to the gig with 3 of your friends, jump out of the car, get the tent out of the bag and 1 minute later your tents up and running. That’s how to make other festival goers really jealous! When the festivals over, your tent will be down, packed in bag and your off, while others are still messing about trying to pack their tents up.

Let’s have a quick look at the specs

• Steel poles
• 1 min Pitch-in-one
• Sewn-in groundsheet
• 3000 mm fabric
• Rain protection peak
• Wind and rain tested
• Pack size 103 x 20 cm
• Weight: 7.4 kg
Lets take a look at how quick the Coleman instant tourer is to erect and take down.


Ok let’s look at size! The Coleman Instant tourer is 243cm long and 243cm or approximately 8ft wide. It’s a nice square tent so that works out 20 Metres square. I’d say it is plenty big enough for 4 people plus your camping gear. Height it is about 5ft 4 Inches at its peak.
Before you ask, Is it waterproof? Yes it is. You may get some condensation but most single skin tents are the same unless well ventilated.

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Coleman Instant Tourer TentThe one issue I have with the Coleman Instant tent and some other tents actually, is that tent pegs supplied are always a bit flimsy. I would recommend that any tent should have heavy duty tent or bivvy pegs. It certainly is worth investing in a set of stronger pegs, especially as they are normally £5 to £10 for a set of 10 pegs.



Berghaus RG1 Review

Berghaus RG1 Review

Berghaus RG1 jacketThe Berghaus RG1 is an excellent 3 in one jacket for camping, hiking and walking. The outer layer is made of  material which is completely waterproof as well as breathable.

I have noticed over the years that some waterproof jackets just make you sweat causing you to overheat in all conditions. With the Berghaus RG1 it certainly solves this problem with the layer due to its breathability.

The Berghaus RG1 jacket and its waterproof AQ2 material. gives it a hydrostatic head rating of up to 10,000. This makes the RG1 waterproof even in the harshest wet conditions.

The berghaus RG1 comes with an inner detachable micro fleece layer which isamazon button designed to keep you warm in colder conditions.

The Berghaus 3 in one allows you to wear the outer layer separately or the inner fleece layer separately. In severe weather simply combine the two layers to stay warm and dry.

The Berghaus RG1 also includes an easy to use and practical roll away hood, this comes with draw strings similar to the ones you find on most jackets of this type.

One other point I like about this Berghaus 3 in 1 jacket is that it is extremely light. on another note is it dries really quickly. This is probably due to the water being taken away by the  AQ2 material. You will notice that when out in the rain that the water on the berghaus RG1 outer layer simply forms into water beads and runs off extremely quickly. It is really exceptional at repelling water.

Oh by the way you can buy the RG1 as a single layer (at the time of writing this anyway). The RG1 was originally a very popular and best selling single layer jacket, however Berghaus decided to improve on it, hence the RG1 3 in 1 jacket was introduced at a later date.


The Berghaus 3 in 1 (Available on Amazon) has two built in pockets in it’s outer layer that help keep your hands warm in colder conditions and obviously to store small items in. The fleece/micro fleece layer also comes with two neat hand warmer pockets. All pockets on this Berghaus jacket have the addition of zips, which is a nice little extra touch showing that it is another top quality garment from Berghaus.

On a point of note, remember never to wash any water repellent jacket such as the Berghaus RG1 with any biological washing powder or biological liquids.

amazon buttonBerghaus RG1 3 in 1 jacketBiological detergents will break down the waterproof repellent on the garment making it a lot less waterproof. It is best to see the washing instructions label on any waterproof garment.


The Burghaus RG1 has been one of the best selling waterproof jacket in the Burghaus range. With the introduction of the RG1 3 in 1 jacket and it’s removable fleece system Berghaus have surely come up with another best seller. The RG1 and the Berghaus RG1 3 in 1 both have rave reviews across many shopping outlets. It’s good to see a top quality item that does what it says. This will definitely keep you warm and dry. Top marks!





Led Lenser P7.2

The Led Lenser P7.2

Led Lenser P7.2 Review

The Led Lenser P7.2The Led Lenser P7.2 is highly sort after and raved about because of it’s great features. For camping and hiking purposes it is ideal as it is light and fairly compact, so storage is certainly not an issue. Believe me the P7.2 is used by millions of people including many police officers, emergency and rescue services around the world.

Don’t be fooled! The Led Lenser P7.2 torch is immensely powerful and extremely bright for its compact size although it is categorised as a medium size torch. Not only that it is highly versatile with it’s advanced focus system (AFS). The Led Lenser P7.2 has an awesome beam with a maximum output of 320 Lumens being produced which is super bright for a torch of this size. In reality the beam can stretch effortlessly for up to 260 meters away.

What I like about the Led Lenser P7.2 is it’s patented lens technology enabling you to focus with a single hand for super fast focusing. With the quick slide mechanism you can adjust you can also widen the beam so it illuminates a wider area around you.(so a wide beam or a spot beam which is a very handy feature)

The Led Lenser P7.2 also has the excellent feature of a 1 click turn on, if you click the ON button once again it dips the torch beam immediately to a lower brightness. This is a handy feature as the main lens is extremely bright. The Led Lenser P7.2 is built with a dynamic switch which offers 3 settings,

  • Power
  • Lower Power
  • Power Boost

amazon button

Is the Led Lenser P7.2 tough enough? This has apparently been designed using German indestructible advanced technology for superior durability. It is also designed to be highly water resistant even in pouring rain. My only little niggle on the Led Lenser P7.2 is that it is not 100% waterproof however I was assured that it would work in the rain without any problems at all.

On a positive note the Led Lenser P7.2 comes with an impressive 5 year warranty included which sort of reassured me of its high quality built components. Not many companies offer this much confidence in their products as LED LENSER do. Let’s take a quick look at the specs of the Led Lenser P7.2

  • 320 Lumens
  • Minimum Power 40 Lumens
  • 13 cm in Length
  • Wattage 7.5W
  • Weight 175g
  • Comes with 4 AAA Batteries included
  • Comes with belt pouch

One more quick note on being tough, under the nice matt black finish is lurking high quality aircraft grade rustproof aluminium. The Led Lenser P7.2 has been designed with a super grip handle which aids the handling of the torch. Not only that, the P7.2 has been designed with gold plated corrosion resistant interior electrical contacts.

The Led Lenser P7.2 is an upgrade from it’s popular predecessor the P7 so it is lighter and more powerful. They have improved on the Cree microchip technology giving it more lens power.

Battery Life is a very good 50 hours with the Led Lenser P7.2 which is certainly sufficient for a high power torch, in theory on average use batteries should last for a good few weeks . A high power alkaline battery is advised or alternately you can use a very high power rechargeable.

The Led Lenser P7.2My Conclusion on the Led Lenser P7.2 Is that it is a high quality product with great features that are very useful in different night time circumstances. It has great adjustable illumination capabilities and is certainly robust. A massive plus is also the inclusion of a 5 year warranty for total peace of mind, so personally I would have no hesitation in purchasing The Led Lenser P7.2. If it’s good enough for the emergency services it’s good enough for me!

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