Thermos King Food Flask

Thermos King Food Flask
thermos king food flask 710MLWhy would you buy the Thermos King Food Flask?

I have used Thermos Food Flask for years. So here is my take on them. Firstly Thermos do not make flasks that let you down when you want your food or drink kept hot or even cold. The Thermos King Food Flask in this case has it’s usual high standard, high quality build design.

The Thermos King Food Flask has Thermos vacuum insulation technology, this insures that maximum food temperature retention is kept at all times. It is amazing that the Thermos vacuum insulation technology can keep your food hot up to an incredible 7 hours. The compact size of the Thermos King Food Flask makes it great in camping and hiking situations. It is ideal for use in all weather conditions.

In the summer the Thermos King Food Flask can also be used to keep food cold in the hotter weather. Typically it can keep your food cold up to 9 hours in warm conditions.

Is the Thermos King Food Flask tough enough?

amazon buttonThe answer is, you better believe it! The Thermos King Food Flask has a tough stainless steel exterior and more importantly I feel is the introduction of a stainless steel interior. This gives ideal protection from damage during your camping trips, especially if you should accidently drop it.

The Thermos King Food Flask also comes with an insulated stainless steel lid which can be used as a large drinking cup or bowl for soups. Due to the flasks mouth width it is easily possible to eat straight from the flask itself.

Included in the Thermos King Food Flask (Available on Amazon) is a folding stainless steel spoon which has its obvious uses and is a nice little extra accessory.

Thermos King Food Flask 470MLThe Thermos King Food Flask is not only highly popular with campers and hikers, it is also used and is ideal for students, bikers, anglers, school children or even just to take to work for a hot lunch instead of sandwiches. It also comes in 2 different sizes 710 ml and 470 ml

I often use my food flask in the winter months while fishing for carp. Usually I fill it up with some nice hot stew with some chilli in it. You can’t beat that on a cold day with a thick wedge of buttered bread.

Ok now we all know that the Thermos King Food Flask is not the only food flask out there. However due to the build quality and fantastic heat retention I believe the Thermos King Food Flask to be one of the best on the market at this time.

It offers great value for money and is certainly worth the small investment for a quality food flask that will last for years.

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Conclusion! The Thermos King Food Flask is super tough and does what it says on the tin so to speak. It is available in different sizes however the 470ml size has proved to be the most popular amongst users. Well it’s a big Thumbs up from me!



campingaz stove review

Campingaz Stove Review

Campingaz Camping Chef Folding StoveIf your looking for a Campingaz stove you’ve come to the right place. Campingaz stoves are superbly reliable and are used by thousands of seasoned campers worldwide every year. Feeding yourself and your family is obviously an essential part of your camping trip and choosing the right stove should not be taken lightly. I’m serious here, as not having the right stove is a right pain in the butt. Now you might think what’s he on about now. Simple it is all about the gas and the stove.

Have you ever bought a gas cooker that only runs on butane? Only to find out in colder weather there is hardly any heat or flame? See you chose the wrong cooker.

I know because I have and many others have. The Campingaz stove (Available on Amazon) especially the Campingaz chef version does not only run on butane but the higher burning gas propane.

You see propane burns hotter, so in the colder weather it does not burn slow like butane. With the Campingaz stove running on propane your water boils quicker for your tea or coffee, the crispy bacon cooks quicker and your toast is done quicker.

Try cooking with butane and see what happens on a colder morning or evening, cooks slow as heck that’s what.

The Campingaz stove is a little gem when propane is connected to it (warning don’t connect propane to a cooker that cant take the heat, it’s dangerous)

This is why I’m recommending the Campingaz stove and one of the most popular in the campingaz range is the Campingaz Chef. It comes with two burners that knock out a heat of approximately two kilowatts of heat per burner, which is pretty impressive.

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The Campingaz Chef also comes with a great toaster too. Ideal for your toast or bacon or whatever you fancy.

The Campingaz stove is not only a cooker!

You thought a stove is just a stove? Above I talked about the importance of propane when cooking in cold weather. If you’ve bought a little stove and you end up with hardly any flame it’s because your running butane, remember.

Here’s the thing with a propane based stove like the campingaz Chef, it does a fantastic job of doubling up as a heater (use with caution though), remember those 4 kilowatts I mentioned. 4 kilowatts of heat will heat your tent in a few minutes (big time). Hence your Campingaz stove is far more versatile than you think.

You should always have ventilation though if using it as a heater of course. Carbon monoxide is dangerous.

Here’s some important info for you!

A blue flame does not give out carbon monoxide. The blue flame shows it is burning the gas properly, so you are at less risk with a blue flame of breathing in carbon monoxide. Propane burns hotter and provides a bluer flame than butane.

This is why I recommend the campingaz stove amazon buttonas an excellent choice of cooker for all your camping trips. It also offers exceptional value for money. The Campingaz stoves are designed to be extremely strong and robust, not only that they will last for years and years. The lid is designed to act as a wind break when opened to help maintain a high flame.

Campingaz Chef Stove with grillA negative note

They are slightly heavy, that’s the only downsize, due to its rugged construction. That is why they last for years though. Can’t have it all ways now can we!

I hope this Campingaz stove review helps you in your decision in choosing a new camping stove of quality and please don’t forget about the propane and butane issue when purchasing a camping stove. Take my word for it choose a Campingaz Camping Chef Stove and Grill with Clips and Tubing (Available on Amazon)


Coleman Coastline 3 Plus

Coleman Coastline 3 Plus Review

Coleman Coastline 3 Plus tentSimilar to the 2 Plus from Coleman, the Coleman Coastline 3 Plus is especially The Coastline 3 plus is very sturdy and stable and is intended as a three man tent. Indeed it has ample room for use as a 3 person tent and also has a spacious storage area for all your camping gear.

The Coleman Coastline 3 Plus is a superbly designed and well thought out 3 person tent. Essentially the 3 plus is extremely easy and quick to put up and saying that, take down (No rocket scientist required). Because like most of the Coleman tents the poles and ties are colour coded which makes it so much easier to erect. Even an idiot like me can do it. (well I’m not quite that bad)

Coleman are always on top of their game when it comes to easy pitch tents. All their modern tents have great well thought out features too. The last thing you need when camping is a tent that is problematic to erect and not enough space. You cant go wrong with the Coleman Coastline 3 Plus.

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The size of the 3 Plus is 4.2m square in the sleeping area, 3.78m square in the storage area. It also boasts an impressive 26m square pitching surface area.

Here’s More Dimensions of the Coleman Coastline 3 Plus

The overall length of the 3 Plus tent is 440cm in metric form or 14ft 5 inches for people who prefer feet and inches. The sleeping area width is 190cm which is 6ft 3 approximately. The sleeping area length is 200cm which is 6ft 7 inches approximately. So as you can see the sleeping area of the Coleman Coastline 3 Plus is excellent for 3 people sharing a tent.

We nearly bought the Coleman Coastline 3 Plus (Available on Amazon) last year instead of a fishing bivvy and we may still buy one yet. The reason we liked it was that it has plenty of useful storage. It has a storage area of 210cm x 200cm, that is 6ft 10 inches by 6ft 7 inches approximately which is so useful in fishing situations or of course camping. The Height of the Coleman 3 plus is a generous 140cm (approximately 4ft 7 inches.

Let’s have a look at the video of the Coleman Coastline 3 Plus Video

You can expand the video by clicking on the little square box in the bottom right hand side on the video if you want too.

Coleman Coastline 3+ TentThe Coastline 3 Plus comes with a detachable groundsheet which I like as it is easier to clean after your camping trip. The groundsheet also has a small raised edge which helps stop bugs and water getting in too. It apparently aids ventilation as well. The groundsheet is also made with a thick PE material for durability and heavy usage.

Ventilation is no problem with the Coleman Coastline 3 PlusThe great design of this tunnel type tent offers excellent ventilation by its built in vents. You can also open up both sides of the storage area, also the main front porch area for even more ventilation in the warmer weather. The good thing is you can soon zip up either side of the 3 Plus if the wind gets up. Ideal if the winds coming from one direction as you can just zip one side too.

Conclusion:  This tent is excellent to use as a large 2 person or good for a 3 person tent. I cannot see a downside that’s why I’m rating this a 9.5 /10 Available on Amazon





Vango Banshee 200

Vango Banshee 200

Vango Banshee 200The Vango Banshee 200 is a perfect tent for a hiking expedition. Most of us who have been hiking realise the importance of the right tent. Personally I used to love hiking as it certainly keeps you fit and it is great to get outdoors. In the springtime months, it is fantastic to see nature awakening from it’s winter sleep.

The Vango Banshee 200 has been around for a few years now and has proved extremely popular amongst hikers. One of the banshee’s plus sides is it’s small, compact size when packed away. In fact it is only as small as 47 cm x 14cm approximately when packed up. Packed really tight and you can get a little smaller in tests that were carried out.

In 2014 the Vango Banshee 200 was made even better. Vango introduced a side door opening. This made the banshee 200 easier to access when two people are sharing.

How quick is the Vango Banshee 200 to set up.

The set up or pitching is a superbly quick 7 minutes on average. This is great as the Banshee is quick to take down and pack away too. Packing up has an advantage over some pop up tents in my mind, as pop up tents can be tricky to pack up at times.

amazon buttonIs The Vango Banshee 200 Big Enough?

Vango Banshee 200 tentFirstly the length of any tent is important depending on your stature. The Banshee has an overall length of 270 cm ( 8ft 10 inches). The actual sleeping size length wise is approximately 227cm ( 7ft 5 inches). Myself being 5ft 6 would have no problems.

The main sleeping area width of the Banshee 200 is 120 cm ( approx. 4ft). A little bit tight for two larger people but excellent for one large person. 2 regular size people would be ok.

How does the Vango Banshee 200 stand up to harsh weather conditions?

The weather here in the UK is always hard to predict due to it being an island. The boffins at Vango have done really well in making the banshee 200 with a top layer made of a 5000mm hydrostatic head material. This makes this tent superbly waterproof and weather resistant. Even in a torrential storm the Vango Banshee 200 would keep you dry. The inner layer is also breathable and lets the condensation escape which is a true bonus.

When windy the Vango Banshee 200 (Available on Amazon) tent would hold its own against its competitors. The high strength guy lines, combined with the colour coded, lightweight and durable aluminium poles help to secure it admirably. Not forgetting it’s low sleek design.

Vango banshee 200 flysheet
The groundsheet is a 6000mm construction material which is excellent for toughness  and waterproofing. Vango also sell a trekking footprint to go with the banshee 200 which helps to protect the bottom of the tent even more. A great idea as this protects against stones, dirt and thorns.

The VANGO Banshee 200 Trekking Footprint or flysheet helps to stop the dirt sticking to the bottom of the tent. This keeps your Vango Banshee 200 Cleaner in muddy conditions.

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Overall the Banshee 200 is an excellent 2 person hiking tent. Ideal for hiking and trekking in the UK or abroad. Both small (when packed), lightweight and fully waterproof with its taped seams and 5000mm hydrostatic head.

Would I recommend the Vango Banshee 200?

Most definitely!  I would rate this at a high 9.9 out of 10 for Hiking!




Helly Hansen base layer

Helly Hansen Base Layer review

Helly Hansen HH Men's Warm Freeze 1/2 Zip Baselayer TopThe Helly Hansen base layer is surly a favourite amongst campers, hikers, anglers, cyclists and skiers to mention a few. The Helly Hansen Men’s HH Warm Freeze 1/2 Zip Thermal Baselayer (Available on Amazon) Top is one of the favourites and most popular. The Helly Hansen base layer range has several great products that they advertise.

This layer in my mind is the absolute best.

Apart from the 3 colour ranges IE Black, Tabasco and Espresso (colours may change or vary), this Helly Hansen base layer has exceptional thermal heat retaining properties even in the coldest conditions.

The main reason for its heat retaining abilities is that it uses a superior wool from the merino sheep of Australia although originating from Portugal.

The Helly Hansen Base Layer
is made of 100% merino wool which is used specifically for its softness and thermal qualities. With most wools you can feel itchy, but with merino wool, because it is so soft and fine, no itchiness occurs.

 The 100% Merino wool in the Helly Hansen base layer is rather special, in other ways as it is breathable. in other words it vents heat so when your core temperature gets to hot it helps to cool you down by releasing that heat.

The merino wool in the base layer also has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which significantly reduces odour even for several days at a time.

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The Helly Hansen Baselayer Top

The Helly Hansen base layer has a clever second layer, the The Lifa stay dry technology layer. This is made of a T3 hollow fibre construction. The fibres mimic the fur of a polar bear providing even more insulating properties and keeping the body even warmer.

The T3 hollow fibre construction also provides extra moisture and sweat transportation. This moves the moisture away from the skin immediately,

Helly hansen base layer
The Lifa stay dry system is even 60% warmer than polyester and tells us that it is 40% lighter than the polyester man made fibre.

Bringing together the merino wool and the T3 hollow fibre, defines the Helly Hansen base layer head and shoulders above the competition.

Truly this base layer is a great product that has multiple uses, whether you are skiing, Hiking or camping. It is designed to keep you both warm and dry in all conditions.

Would I buy it?

Absolutely and I already have one of these base layer tops for my frequent fishing trips. I wear it in the winter time when I’m fishing or just on cold days. I also find it very useful in the summer evenings, especially as it tends to cool down once the sun goes down. It is definitely worth the money for this type of high quality clothing.

Overnight fishing tends to get cold here in the UK as many fisherman will tell you. Wearing the Helly Hansen base layer keeps you warm all night long. The Merino wool is incredible for keeping your body warm even in extreme conditions.

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I also buy merino wool jumpers, typically they are far superior in the cold winter weather. Other types of wool jumpers simply do not keep you as warm.



Coleman Coastline 4

Coleman Coastline 4 review

Coleman Coastline 4 Deluxe tentI was quite amazed when I came across this Coleman Coastline 4 Deluxe tent. On seeing it for the first time I couldn’t believe the headroom and space, although I am only short it was great not needing to duck down every time you have to go in or out of a tent.

In fact the actual height it measures is 200cm which in my terms is 6ft 6 3/4 inches, me preferring old school measurements and all that.

Coleman Coastline 4 is an ideal family tent that has the added luxury of being able to remove the bedroom areas pertaining to your needs of sleeping or storage arrangements, how clever is that?

amazon buttonAnother great feature I really like is the windows, which have been designed as self rolling windows, in other words, instead of manually rolling them up they are spring based making it easy for everybody. (Personally I hate rolling doors up as well, I’m probably a bit lazy like that).

As this is designed in the tunnel tents style it just gives it that spacious appeal and look. The living space is ample and boasts an excellent 5m square, allowing for plenty of room for your needs.

To take a closer look at the living room floor space, it works out at 290cm x 205cm (9ft 6 X 6ft 7 inches approx).

The bedroom or sleeping area is a generous 5m square also. Which is 290cm x 210cm. This would equate to approximately 9ft 6 inches x 6ft 10 inches (well, as near as dam it). Lets view this video and take a look at this great tent in action

I actually like the design of these Coleman Coastline 4 (Available on Amazon) tents as tunnel tents are so quick and easy to set up. I mean some tents you buy just leave you scratching and shaking your head (Even Einstein would struggle). Not so with the tunnel design from Coleman, all poles and sleeves have been colour coded. Just match the colour coded poles with the coloured sleeves and boom the tents up. Great hey! Just stick your chairs and table in and get the wine out.. (you’re on holiday remember, enjoy yourself).

I hate mosquitoes, so a good thing is these tents come with mosquito and bug nets.  Also it has a built in highly durable groundsheet which helps deter other creepy crawly critters from getting in.

Coleman Coastline 4 comes with reflective brightly coloured guy ropes which help in the day and night time. Internal storage pockets are also a great feature along with a vent and a power cable vent.

coleman coastline 4 tent
amazon button Overall this is a truly well thought out family tent which is sturdy, versatile and offers exceptional value for money. It’s no wonder they sell so many and have great reviews.


Northwest Territory Inuvik Leather Hiking Boots

Northwest Territory Inuvik Leather Hiking Boots

Hiking or walking boots are an integral part of any camping or hiking trip and a high quality boot is a must have item. Hiking boots must be tough and durable but more importantly than that in my mind, is that they are fully waterproof.MENS INUVIK WATERPROOF LACE UP WALKING/HIKING  BOOT

On a personal note, I always buy a decent leather boot as they are in no doubt easier to clean and maintain than a canvas hiking boot.

The Northwest territory inuvik leather hiking boots (Available on Amazon) tick all the boxes for me here. Firstly the upper is made of a genuine high quality Leather.  This not only helps in the waterproofing process but helps its durability.

The leather of the Waterproof Northwest Territory Inuvik Leather Hiking Boots is smooth and good looking.The Quality speaks for itself

These quality hiking boots are constructed using all good quality materials, the uppers as mentioned are leather and the outsole is made from extra durable rubber. The rubber sole unit has a deep rugged tread pattern for that extra non slip grip in difficult terrains.


Comfort is a very Important factor to take into consideration when choosing the right Hiking boot. The designers of the Northwest Territory Inuvik Leather Hiking Boots have included a removable and washable cushioned insole, that features a super EVA shock absorber.

This helps to keep your feet warmer and comfortable on long hikes on all terrains

MENS INUVIK WATERPROOF LACE UP WALKING/HIKING BOOT Waterproofing is supplied via a hydro membrane ensuring your feet stay nice and dry at all times. Personally I always recommend using dubbin to add extra waterproofing and protection when getting new boots, although these boots are really well waterproofed.

The hydro membrane is also breathable, which certainly helps in warmer conditions. Being breathable simply means your feet do not sweat as much.

The Northwest Territory Inuvik boot’s breathability, help with providing comfortable feet conditions in all weathers. Check Out Todays Best Price on Amazon

 A range of colours are available


Coleman Coastline 2 plus tent Review

Coleman Coastline 2 plus tent review

Coleman Coastline plus 2 tentDuring my years of camping I have used many different sized tents depending on the occasion. Not all tents are equal wether they are a 2 person or 10 person tent.  Tents these days have some unique and innovative features.

It’s not easy for manufacturers to please every camper however Coleman have come up trumps here with this spacious 2 person plus tent which offers good space and durability.

Taking a closer look you will see that The Coleman coastline 2 plus tent is a superlight, superfast erecting tent, this two person tent benefits from a quick and easy to erect tunnel that is cleverly designed to be pitched in no time at all, so that you can sit back and relax with a decent cup of tea or beverage of your fancy.

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Let’s look internally. The design of the Coleman coastline 2 plus tent makes optimum use of space, providing ample sleeping room. There is plenty of storage space available for all of your normal camping gear.

Please see the dimensions on the image to the left to see the full dimensions of this roomy 2 person tent.

Another great feature of the Coleman Coastline 2 plus tent is the great ventilation which is ideal for a warm day or summer evening. All you have to do to cool down is open the large side doors, also the large PVC window allows plenty of light in when needed.

There is also an addition of mosquito vents on the front sides for added skin protection from bites (see photos).

The Coleman Coastline 2 plus tent (Available on Amazon) offers good wind and waterproof protection. If it is a bit windy in one direction it is easy to just zip one side up and open the other side which saves the hassle of turning the tent around. The same applies when the sun moves around during the day so this 2 person tent has excellent benefits

The groundsheet is built with increased weather protection due to it’s upturned sides plus there are extremely handy storage pockets inside the tent and also a power cord vent hole for lighting or heating wires etc.

If you look at the picture above you can also see that the guy ropes that stabilise the tent in windy conditions are placed in the safest positions.

Coleman Coastline +2 TentPlease see below for more specs on The Coleman coastline 2 plus tent.

Capacity: 2 person

Sleeping area: 2.7 m²

Storage area: 2.28 m²

Pitching surface: 20 m²

Headroom: 110 cm

Carry bag type: Rectangular with zipper opening

Pack size: 50 x 16 x 15 cm

Weight: 4.71 Kg

Polyester 185T Flysheet

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