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Canvas Rucksack UK

Canvas Rucksack UK

The Andes Ramada 120L is One of the most popular XL Canvas Rucksacks in theThe Andes Ramada 120L UK Selling for under £20 (at the time of writing June 2017). Made from a tough canvas polyester it is made to be hardy and durable. This well thought out rucksack/backpack is ideal for camping, hiking, fishing and many other outdoor activities, even festivals.

If it’s space you need this fantastic rucksack certainly has lots of it with its 120 Litre capacity. It’s stats are “>H: 75 (29.5″) x W: 44 (17″) x D: 32cm (12.5”) approx.

The Andes Ramada 120L has 3 front pockets 1 large bottom space and a small pocket on top. It also has 1 large main pocket space 2 side zip pockets and 2 really handy mesh pockets. It has really good compression straps with fully adjustable shoulder and waist straps for ease of use.

I really like the range of colours available with this rucksack and they even have different camouflage colours. This rucksack has colours such as red, blue, orange, green, even pink. Why not Pick a colour to suit your personal style at Amazon.co.uk.



Before you order please be aware that these are very large rucksacks / backpacks. They are even large enough to carry an average size sleeping bag. These canvas polyester rucksacks also come in 12 different stylish colours. These are really worth checking out if you are looking for a tough rucksack and value for money.