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Coleman Event Shelter Deluxe

The Coleman Event Shelter Deluxe

The Coleman Event Shelter Deluxe edition is by far the more expensive edition in the Coleman event shelter deluxeColeman range of event shelters. The main difference with the Coleman event shelter deluxe, is the 3000 hydrostatic head. The Coleman event shelters have a varying amount of waterproofing. The Water Column of the Hydrostatic Head of a product is a measurement of the waterproof coating. This applies to the main outer fabric of the Coleman event shelter deluxe tent.

The higher the rating simply means it is more waterproof, a 3000 rating would be quite a good rating compared to a 600D rating.

To be honest with you the normal or standard Coleman event shelter with the 600 HH (hydrostatic head) is probably quite adequate in normal conditions. You would normally only buy the Deluxe Coleman event shelter if you were expecting torrential rain for long periods. The best deluxe shelter prices below.

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This is the standard XL shelter below

standard events shelter



The XL version is the most popular in the Coleman range and has a great size of 4.5M X 4.5M (15FTX15FT). The Deluxe version (Available on Amazon) is also the same size. Other sizes are available.event shelter accessories

The best features about these award winning shelters are the accessories. In addition you can literally buy individual sides and doors how awesome is that. This is ideal if you have a side wind blowing at you or even a side wind and rain.

Simply attach 3 sides and 1 door on the event shelter and you have a massive tent. These provide great headroom at 7FT 6″ tall.

Below are some images of some great ways to use the event shelterevent canopies


Check out the best selling XL shelter version prices below.

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One very important thing to note: The tent pegs that come as standard are not adequate if it gets quite windy. Many buyers have commented on this in their reviews. The best thing to do if you purchase an events tent is to buy some decent high quality tent pegs. Therefore if you are touring or camping with an events tent upgrade to some quality tent or bivvy pegs. Another alternative are Airwave leg weights specifically designed for gazebos. Available to purchase on Amazon)Airwave leg weights for gazebos

These weights are a really clever idea at an affordable cost. Furthermore they certainly will stop your events tent blowing away in really windy conditions.

Colemans do have a variety of different style of event shelters such as these [amazon_link asins=’B019X3GPJY,B00TIHSX64,B01DT647FA,B001P80GOQ’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’httpwwwbourne-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’5f670e8f-05ad-11e7-8a00-0db43bee9115′]

Conclusion: The Deluxe and the Coleman XL event shelters are of high quality build. They have sturdy and strong steel legs. They are made from the highest quality waterproof canvas. They also have a sun protection factor (SPF) of 50 .

They have sturdy foot and pole shoes and have plenty of accessories such as sun and wind blocking walls. Colman have done an excellent job as usual in creating this award winning shelter. Why not treat you and your family, get yours today!

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