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Coleman Instant Dome Tent 5 Person

The Coleman Instant Dome Tent 5 Person

The Coleman Instant Dome Tent 5 Person edition, is highly popular in its class. Rightly so in my eyes and many other peoples eyes going by the high number of recent sales. Coleman instant dome tentColeman in their wisdom not only bring to the market their Instant Dome Tent 5 Person(available on Amazon)  but also the instant dome 3 person, Instant dome 4 person tent and the 6 person tent.

So why is the Coleman Instant Dome Tent range so popular? Simply put it’s probably one of the fastest erecting tents available today. The Coleman Instant dome(view on Amazon) 5 tent has an extremely well thought out and clever spider-like frame.

For quick erecting the steel & fibreglass poles are already attached for a very speedy pitching time. The great thing is that there is no more taking 20-30 minutes trying to erect a complicated tent set up.

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You can set up the Coleman Instant Dome tent 5 person and the others in Coleman’s instant dome range in less than 1 minute. Now that’s awesome!!

Take a look at the video below to see how easy this (bad boy) Coleman Instant Dome tent 5 person is to put up.

I must admit the ground coverage is pretty good on the Coleman Instant Tent 5 person or should I say the footprint that is. The foot print is square and gives a generous 270cm x 270cm, also the height is good at a maximum of 170cm. Now in old money that’s 8ft 10 inches x 8ft 10 inches by 5ft 7 inches high.

The Instant tent range from Coleman also has a tough built in ground sheet which is designed to keep all the bugs out of your tent.

The only thing I DON’T LIKE about built in ground sheets is that they can cause a trip hazard. It is best to be aware of this, especially at night time or camping close to a lake.

What’s a 3000 mm Hydrostatic Head?

All Coleman Instant Tents have an impressive 3000 mm hydrostatic head. That means it can hold a 3 M column of water on its surface before any leaks can get through the tent fabric.

Special weather resistant and water repellent fabrics are used and all instant tents have taped seams. The ground sheet is also waterproof with a welded seam. Rest assured this tent will certainly keep you dry in the harshest of weather conditions.


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The Coleman Instant dome tents also come with UV Guard Protection of SPF50. This certainly helps on a really hot summers day here in the UK. Talking of being hot when you are in a tent. The Coleman Instant tents have vents that you can adjust when the weather gets to hot. It’s really a nice added bonus in hot weather conditions or a humid night.

Looking at all the features of the Coleman Instant tent range you can seriously see why it is one of the worlds best sellers. It even boasts it has won a tent award in 2014. Personally I think it is a brilliant tent for a modest price.

Now more taking ages to figure out how to put your tent up. Buy a Coleman Instant Dome tent 5 person today.

On reviewing the Coleman 5 person Instant dome tent, we concluded that it is certainly a best buy. We did review the Coleman Instant touring tent a while back which has similar attributes to the instant dome. Both these tents are definitely worth checking out with their strong design and great features.

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Coleman tents are very well designed quality tents which will last for years and not just one summer..

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Coleman Instant Tourer Review

Coleman Instant Tourer Review

Coleman Inatant Toure TentThe Coleman has specifically designed as a super fast erecting tent. In fact the Coleman Instant tourer can be put up in as quick as 1 to 3 minutes. Now to be honest, to put a tent up in 1 to 3 minutes is a bold claim by the manufacturer.  Saying that Coleman are one of the best tent producers in their field.

The Coleman instant tourer is indeed one of the quickest 4 person tent that I have ever had the pleasure to witness being erected, it’s incredible actually.

You see the Coleman Instant Tourer (Available on Amazon) has instant tent technology. The simple thing is,  that the steel poles are already connected to the tent. Coleman then utilises a clever, revolutionary spider like framework. This technology enables the tent to be pitched in literally one minute flat. You can see in the photos to the right how easy it is to do.

Now I have to point out that the instant tourer tent is only a 4 person one room tent, so if you are looking for separate compartments or sleeping quarters then this tent isn’t for you.

The Coleman Instant tourer has been designed for the more active camping community or someone that is on the go and moving from camp site to campsite quite quickly. The thing being it is quick to erect and also extremely quick to take down also. Actually I think it would be great for festivals like the famous Glastonbury festival in Somerset. Any outdoor gigs or raves would suit this tent.

amazon buttonIt’s super fast to erect & take down! Great for festivals.

Simply get to the gig with 3 of your friends, jump out of the car, get the tent out of the bag and 1 minute later your tents up and running. That’s how to make other festival goers really jealous! When the festivals over, your tent will be down, packed in bag and your off, while others are still messing about trying to pack their tents up.

Let’s have a quick look at the specs

• Steel poles
• 1 min Pitch-in-one
• Sewn-in groundsheet
• 3000 mm fabric
• Rain protection peak
• Wind and rain tested
• Pack size 103 x 20 cm
• Weight: 7.4 kg
Lets take a look at how quick the Coleman instant tourer is to erect and take down.


Ok let’s look at size! The Coleman Instant tourer is 243cm long and 243cm or approximately 8ft wide. It’s a nice square tent so that works out 20 Metres square. I’d say it is plenty big enough for 4 people plus your camping gear. Height it is about 5ft 4 Inches at its peak.
Before you ask, Is it waterproof? Yes it is. You may get some condensation but most single skin tents are the same unless well ventilated.

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Coleman Instant Tourer TentThe one issue I have with the Coleman Instant tent and some other tents actually, is that tent pegs supplied are always a bit flimsy. I would recommend that any tent should have heavy duty tent or bivvy pegs. It certainly is worth investing in a set of stronger pegs, especially as they are normally £5 to £10 for a set of 10 pegs.