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Helly Hansen base layer

Helly Hansen Base Layer review

Helly Hansen HH Men's Warm Freeze 1/2 Zip Baselayer TopThe Helly Hansen base layer is surly a favourite amongst campers, hikers, anglers, cyclists and skiers to mention a few. The Helly Hansen Men’s HH Warm Freeze 1/2 Zip Thermal Baselayer (Available on Amazon) Top is one of the favourites and most popular. The Helly Hansen base layer range has several great products that they advertise.

This layer in my mind is the absolute best.

Apart from the 3 colour ranges IE Black, Tabasco and Espresso (colours may change or vary), this Helly Hansen base layer has exceptional thermal heat retaining properties even in the coldest conditions.

The main reason for its heat retaining abilities is that it uses a superior wool from the merino sheep of Australia although originating from Portugal.

The Helly Hansen Base Layer
is made of 100% merino wool which is used specifically for its softness and thermal qualities. With most wools you can feel itchy, but with merino wool, because it is so soft and fine, no itchiness occurs.

 The 100% Merino wool in the Helly Hansen base layer is rather special, in other ways as it is breathable. in other words it vents heat so when your core temperature gets to hot it helps to cool you down by releasing that heat.

The merino wool in the base layer also has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which significantly reduces odour even for several days at a time.

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The Helly Hansen Baselayer Top

The Helly Hansen base layer has a clever second layer, the The Lifa stay dry technology layer. This is made of a T3 hollow fibre construction. The fibres mimic the fur of a polar bear providing even more insulating properties and keeping the body even warmer.

The T3 hollow fibre construction also provides extra moisture and sweat transportation. This moves the moisture away from the skin immediately,

Helly hansen base layer
The Lifa stay dry system is even 60% warmer than polyester and tells us that it is 40% lighter than the polyester man made fibre.

Bringing together the merino wool and the T3 hollow fibre, defines the Helly Hansen base layer head and shoulders above the competition.

Truly this base layer is a great product that has multiple uses, whether you are skiing, Hiking or camping. It is designed to keep you both warm and dry in all conditions.

Would I buy it?

Absolutely and I already have one of these base layer tops for my frequent fishing trips. I wear it in the winter time when I’m fishing or just on cold days. I also find it very useful in the summer evenings, especially as it tends to cool down once the sun goes down. It is definitely worth the money for this type of high quality clothing.

Overnight fishing tends to get cold here in the UK as many fisherman will tell you. Wearing the Helly Hansen base layer keeps you warm all night long. The Merino wool is incredible for keeping your body warm even in extreme conditions.

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I also buy merino wool jumpers, typically they are far superior in the cold winter weather. Other types of wool jumpers simply do not keep you as warm.