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Vango Sleeping Bags

Vango Sleeping Bags

vango sleeping bagVango sleeping bags have a large variety of well designed sleeping bags. When buying a sleeping bag it is important to remember a few important points. As an avid outdoor person I have made the mistake of purchasing a sleeping bag without thinking about quality and importantly how warm the bag is.

Do you need a 2 season, 3 season sleeping bag or even a four to 5 season sleeping bag. So what I am saying is make sure you choose the right sleeping bag for the time of year you are camping in.

Luckily Vango sleeping bags give us the luxury of choosing the right one for our needs. Now I hate the cold and it can get pretty chilly here in the UK even in the summer evenings.

So for me I would choose a sleeping bag that is at least  3-amazon button4 season. Maybe something like the popular

KingCamp Trek 300 Camping Hiking 3 – 4 Season Mummy Sleeping Bag

kingcamp 250 sleeping bag

The kingcamp Trek 300 is a good all rounder as sleeping bags go and has a good size. The length is 215cm, top width 80cm then narrows to 55cm. In old fashioned terms (as I’m old school) that is 7ft x 2ft 7in x 21-1/2 inches. This is commonly known as the mummy style sleeping bag. If you like a comfy sleeping bag that snugs tightly around you it would be a good choice.

These mummy type sleeping bags are mainly designed to protect your head, neck and shoulders from the cold weather. The Vango Kingcamp 300 (Available on Amazon) is designed to keep you warm down to temperatures of -10 degrees centigrade.

Although one of the most popular Vango sleeping bags, personally I wouldn’t buy one. You see I have bought a Vango mummy sleeping bag before. They are to claustrophobic for me personally. I hate being hemmed in, although I don’t suffer with claustrophobia at all mind you.

So what Vango sleeping bags would I go for. Well that’s an easy answer!

The Vango Sonno Comfort Sleeping Bag. 

I find this is one of the best Vango sleeping bags on the market. It’s the pinnacle of luxury and comfort. The Vango Sonno has a smooth, warm Polair®Super Soft Shell. Theres more! How about the smooth Polair®Soft micro lining which is a Soft touch micro-fibre, it is wonderfully cosy, it is also a breathable fabric which stops you sweating to much.

The length on Sonno Vango sleeping bags are 220cm x 80 that is 7ft 2 1/2 inches x 2ft 7.  No more being hemmed in as it is 80cm all the way down. No more cold nylon next to you, warm micro fibre.. ahh Pure Bliss. Designed as a 3 to 4 season sleeping bag and boast a good 11.2 Tog rating.

Why not treat yourself to a warmer more comfy sleeping experience, you know you deserve it.

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