Thermos King Food Flask

Thermos King Food Flask
thermos king food flask 710MLWhy would you buy the Thermos King Food Flask?

I have used Thermos Food Flask for years. So here is my take on them. Firstly Thermos do not make flasks that let you down when you want your food or drink kept hot or even cold. The Thermos King Food Flask in this case has it’s usual high standard, high quality build design.

The Thermos King Food Flask has Thermos vacuum insulation technology, this insures that maximum food temperature retention is kept at all times. It is amazing that the Thermos vacuum insulation technology can keep your food hot up to an incredible 7 hours. The compact size of the Thermos King Food Flask makes it great in camping and hiking situations. It is ideal for use in all weather conditions.

In the summer the Thermos King Food Flask can also be used to keep food cold in the hotter weather. Typically it can keep your food cold up to 9 hours in warm conditions.

Is the Thermos King Food Flask tough enough?

amazon buttonThe answer is, you better believe it! The Thermos King Food Flask has a tough stainless steel exterior and more importantly I feel is the introduction of a stainless steel interior. This gives ideal protection from damage during your camping trips, especially if you should accidently drop it.

The Thermos King Food Flask also comes with an insulated stainless steel lid which can be used as a large drinking cup or bowl for soups. Due to the flasks mouth width it is easily possible to eat straight from the flask itself.

Included in the Thermos King Food Flask (Available on Amazon) is a folding stainless steel spoon which has its obvious uses and is a nice little extra accessory.

Thermos King Food Flask 470MLThe Thermos King Food Flask is not only highly popular with campers and hikers, it is also used and is ideal for students, bikers, anglers, school children or even just to take to work for a hot lunch instead of sandwiches. It also comes in 2 different sizes 710 ml and 470 ml

I often use my food flask in the winter months while fishing for carp. Usually I fill it up with some nice hot stew with some chilli in it. You can’t beat that on a cold day with a thick wedge of buttered bread.

Ok now we all know that the Thermos King Food Flask is not the only food flask out there. However due to the build quality and fantastic heat retention I believe the Thermos King Food Flask to be one of the best on the market at this time.

It offers great value for money and is certainly worth the small investment for a quality food flask that will last for years.

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Conclusion! The Thermos King Food Flask is super tough and does what it says on the tin so to speak. It is available in different sizes however the 470ml size has proved to be the most popular amongst users. Well it’s a big Thumbs up from me!


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